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Fleetwood Diner, Lansing, Michigan, Oct. 29, 2006

diner1.jpgBrian and I had breakfast on Sunday at the diner down the street. Their first location was in Ann Arbor, about an hour away from us. This building was closed for a while and we’re very happy the Fleetwood folks bought it. It’s thriving… teeming on Sunday mornings.

diner3.jpgWe took a lot of photos when we were there. These struck me as the most interesting. Brian took the pictures of me and of the teacup. I believe I took the rest, with the possible exception of the photo at left (or just above, depending on your monitor settings).

diner2.jpgThe place is very city-like, more than most places in Lansing. It reminds me of places I’ve been in Chicago (but it’s much newer, the building is less than 10 years old). It attracts a great cross-section of Lansing cultural/social groups. You see old and young, affluent and working class, artful folk and business folk. I love that.

diner4.jpgBrian goes to the Fleetwood about once a week. I don’t go there much because of my food allergies… I can eat a salad or order tea, and that’s all I can eat there. However, the waitstaff are always willing to accommodate whatever I want or need, whether it is on the menu or a custom order.

diner5.jpgI’ll let the photos talk for me now. I did not crop anything. I did color-correct and feather the edges, but they are otherwise as taken from my point- and- shoot digital camera.





11 Responses to “Fleetwood Diner, Lansing, Michigan, Oct. 29, 2006”

  1. Cyndy Says:

    When you mentioned the name I wondered if the two were related. No former AA resident forgets the Fleetwood.

  2. Karla Says:

    Hi Lynn, Diners are so cool! But the few we’ve been to always have had greasy food, what you would call gut bombs. The food tastes good going down, but later it feels like a rock in your stomach! Is the Fleetwood better? Not that we don’t enjoy a good gut bomb now and then, but the older we get, the less we want that experience.
    And I have been wondering what kind of digital camera you have, and would you buy that one again? We’re planning on joining the 21st century, but not sure where to begin.

  3. Natasha Says:

    HI!!! I waited on you that day!! Tell Brian I won’t mess up his order next time. Hope to see you Sunday.

  4. tuoya Says:

    i am from china . my name is tuoya ,sorry ,my english is poor , my boyfriend always told me .i am speak is tuoya english . i often hear this restount from my boyfrind . he told me . so nice food . realy .i hope one day i can try it .

    so hope this good restount,buniss always good ,and will let more and more peple know it .maybe one day open in china .we will wait ….

    best regars for everybody

    tuoya in china

  5. Tony Says:

    man you know i use to work at Fleetwod Diner Ann Arbor michigan
    but i dont work anymore, i miss working overthare

    but anyway i just wanna say hello to Mike, George, Sonya, and Mama.

    this is Tony Andy’s nephew. from Europe Macedonia

  6. tommy G. Says:

    Does any one remember Father James from the old Andy’s Diner before it became Fleetwood.? Have a great story. Let me know. Thanks

  7. Jerry Bailey Says:

    I’m a relic of the 1950’s from down South, and am always on the lookout for diners that might take me back to my days as a kid. Where is the Fleetwood located in Lansing? My wife and I live in Jackson, just a short drive down US 127, and we would love to give it a try.
    Thanks so much,
    Jerry B

  8. Rebecca Lindsey-Holaday Says:

    For Jerry B. and others interested, The Fleetwood Diner is located at 221 S. Cedar St. Lansing MI 48910. Their phone # is 1-517-267-7606.
    They have great food & diner feel. It also has a touch of Greek food & some great vegetarian tempeh menu items like a burger, Ruben, pita wrap & tempeh you can add to their any time breakfast. Besides the normal breakfast fare they have a signature dish called “hippy hash” – home made hash browns with grilled tomato, green pepper, onions, mushrooms, & broccoli topped with feta cheese. You can get this customized any which way, including a different cheese if you like. The portions are generous on everything I’ve seen. They also do old fashioned shakes, malts, & tall whipped cream with a cherry on your hot chocolate. :^) Everybody I know loves this diner. So Enjoy! :^)


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