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Tiger-Dyed Socks!

I’m excited. Here is a photo of about 1/3 of the socks I’ve dyed for sale this holiday season. (Note: After initial post I later added 2 more photos showing all socks died thus far.) I hope I’ll find some more blank wool socks to dye but it’s just a fluke I found these. Clearly this will not be something I’ll offer over the course of time. It’s definitely a lucky holiday special offering. I tigerdyedsocks.jpgwill have 17 pair dry and ready to sell at the Mid-Michigan Knitters Guild sale and meeting Tuesday night.

What doesn’t sell Tuesday I’ll photo and put up here for you folks. Photo editing and putting up the web information is the most labor-intensive part of the whole process, sometimes it takes longer than the dyeing.

However, if you guys out there see something you want and send me an order via email ( Lynn at ColorJoy dot com) before I leave for the guild meeting (say 5pm Eastern time Tuesday) I’ll sell to you. That’s if you can handle me not presenting it in a lovely fashion on a proper sales page.

tigerdyedsocks2.jpgThe socks that look more intensely colored (in photo #1, top left three and bottom kneesock) are thin washable merino wool/nylon/lycra blend, and they are larger (though rated for the same “average” foot all socks say they are for). The softer-looking socks (right top and bottom, and middle kneesock) are truly softer because they are angora blend (rayon, angora, wool, polyester, nylon, lycra).

The angora blend socks are noticeably smaller. My size 6 narrow feet (woman’s XS) would be much happier in the angora socks, though with that lycra they would stretch to fit many sizes. Some of both fiber blends are knee socks, some regular leg height (about 6-8″). Some of the angora socks are cabled or ribbed, the merino are flat stockinette in a very thin fabric reminiscent of the tights of my youth, but made of wool.

tigerdyedsocks3.jpgAll styles are $19.50 plus a dollar shipping, no matter which style you choose. Considering that yarn to knit your own socks is more than that, I would say this is a good deal for a handmade artform.And I’m SO happy with how some of the socks look like tiger stripes! Lucky me to happen on that method so soon in the dyeing game!

OK: two more photos posted here (be aware that some places where it looks dark blue it’s actually a purple that is on the blue side)… I’m off to teach computers for the last time this calendar year but I’ll check my emails when I get home and see what you all think!

2 Responses to “Tiger-Dyed Socks!”

  1. i.d.d.a. Says:

    Lynn, what beautiful socks! I tell you what- I would like a pair. It is too hard to choose, so I want you to choose for me. Go ahead and take them all to sell. Then if you have any left over, you can send me a pair. I have big feet(size 11), but I can gift someone if they don’t fit me. And color doesn’t matter. I enjoy reading your blog and reading about how you are making a living with your spinning, dyeing, knitting, teaching, etc. My own knitting to sell has picked up recently and that makes me happy. I am sending some Christmas Stockings to Florida today. A lady commissioned me to knit them for her Granddaughters. I love to teach knitting, but am not at this time. I will advertise for some classes in January, though. Look in on you later….

  2. Diana Says: