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Happy Birthday to “My Sara-Bara”

Sara is my Goddaughter. She’s a junior in college this year. Today is her birthday and I’m flooded with memories as I write this.

You know, you can wish for a good relationship with someone but you can not place an order for magic. Somehow Sara and I love one another with a magical connection. She’s in college now, which means I sometimes see her three times a week and then I don’t see her for months. It doesn’t make any difference to our connectedness, we know our relationship with or without visiting one another.

When Sara was young, she would stand in the door and laugh from her belly when she saw me coming. She was so happy to see me that it would just burst out in laughter. Every time she did it, I’d hang on to the moment and understand that it could be the last time. I think she did it until she was about 7 years old. There is nothing like being celebrated in that way!

Sara always called me “My Lynnie.” One day her mother, Jo, called me HER Lynnie. Oh, my… Sara corrected her mommy. “Not YOUR Lynnie, Mommy, MY Lynnie.” Apparently I could only belong to one person and it would be her!

Sara and I have taken two trips together, just the two of us. When she was 15 years old, I took her to Vermont, Montreal, and Toronto. I wrote a travelogue called Marvelous Montreal, if you are interested in that trip.

After her graduation from High School I took her to Chicago for several days. I wrote that as blog entries. The first of a series of posts on that trip starts here.

About a year ago Sara decided she wanted to knit socks. She had three pairs I had knit for her, but the more I am involved in my knitting career the less time I have for knitting items that are not for my work. She made a pair of purple footies in washable merino yarn. Very nice. They were imperfect which was frustrating to her but they fit and they were quite nice indeed. And *my* socks are imperfect as well, but that is hard for her to see.Here’s a photo of Sara wearing her third pair I made for her, then me with Sara starting her socks last November.

My sweet Sara-bara, Happy Happy Birthday to you!

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