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Serious Progress

I think that I have my shopping cart in working order. All the patterns are entered in, and one lonely skein of yarn is also loaded. Sunday I am spending much time with my friend Susan Luks so I don’t know how much work time I’ll have but I plan to start in where I left off today, when I get back to this desk sometime Sunday.

Saturday turned out very well. I slept in, made a wonderful quick bread for breakfast, (rye flour flavored with maple syrup, it is so much like cornbread it is spooky), worked on the shopping cart, tested it witn Diana by phone/internet, had lunch, more shopping cart including Diana.

Then my friend April from across the street called. She was sent home early from work and could she come over? Sure! So I had a nice teatime break sharing my good baking with April (we haven’t talked in far too long). In the end she had to go, so I did more shopping cart, then took a hot bath, Brian came home and we had dinner including the nicest baked organic sweet potatoes I’ve ever had. We did a quick trip to the local grocery since I was trying to do laundry but had run out of detergent… then came home, more shopping cart, a little jam session, and yet more shopping cart.

Actually, this morning while I was waking up, eating bread and drinking tea, I was surfing a little and paying some bills, doing a few routine household things. After the grocery store we really cleaned out the refrigerator well, which was satisfying. And now even though we bought a lot of food, the refrigerator is more roomy than before! Woohoo!

I’ve already set out the ingredients I need for a special bread I’m making in the morning to take to Susan’s house. Very yummy… if you ask nicely I’ll post it this week when I get time (between shopping cart stuff). It’s pumpkin bread but with no spices, just vanilla, and a flour called Kamut (a relative of wheat but more nutty and less sticky). It’s really lovely… no milk or egg but it’s fluffy and moist and everything you might want from a sweet quick bread. Diana has asked for the recipe, so has April. It’s a winner. This week, I promise.

Meanwhile it’s time to put the clean sheets on the bed and call it a night. It’s 2am on the dot and I’m expected at Susan’s in the next town over, at noon. And the bread takes about an hour to bake… Goodnight.

The pictures? Well, Altu and I left two years ago this week, for our five-week trip to Africa. 1) Tea Altu’s mother served me in her home, with a special silver teaspoon decorated with an Ethiopian gazelle of sorts (with curly horns, only found in Ethiopia). 2) One of the first places we went was northern Ethiopia. We walked up an incline for 45 minutes to view the waterfall of the Blue Nile. Yes, I really did indeed take this photograph myself. It was that different from here. That gouge in the earth behind him? The Blue Nile at a place where it’s merely a creek of sorts. Ethiopia is hard to imagine even when you’ve been there. I’m so grateful I had the chance.

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