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A Quote on Color

I subscribe to Robert Genn’s twice-weekly email newsletter for artists. I often do not have time to read it but today it had the title “True Colours” and I had to read.

He is a painter and talks a lot in this letter about paint, which is not my medium (though polymer clay is similar in how the colors mix). Dye is transparent and very different than opaque paint/clay.

It was an entirely new learning curve for me when I started dyeing. Light fuschia plus light turquoise equals medium hot cobalt blue? Wow. If I combined those colors in clay it would likely become a light soft purple.

But my favorite part of today’s letter was a quote from Chromophobia author David Batchelor:

“Colour reveals the limits of language and evades our best attempts to impose a rational order on it. To work with colour is to become aware of the insufficiency of language and theory–which is both
disturbing and pleasurable.”

One Response to “A Quote on Color”

  1. Diana Says:

    I love color.. I used to tend toward blues and greens and the occasional purple, but since becoming an art quilter, I love EVERY color, muddy or bright. I don’t necessarily choose them to wear, but as tools in creating, I love exploring how that muddy brown with a hint of orange can really come into its own if I put it with just the right shade of green, or blue, or the occasional purple, and stitch over it with deep chocolatey brown for texture…