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Two Years Ago Today

LynnH and Altu in Gaza, Dec 24, 2004I was in Egypt on December 24, 2004. Altu and I went to the Great Pyramid (and a smaller stepped pyramid, Sakkara, that was cooler in a lot of ways though it was not in my travel book at all).

Altu just had to ride a camel, her trip would not have been complete without that experience. I did not think I would like this (I’m definitely a city kid and I typically like photos of large animals better than the real thing).

We rode the camels. It was absolutely wonderful, she had been right all along. Our guide (from what I could tell, he owned the camels) was funny and cheerful, and we were able to go places that you would not typically go on foot. The view was incredible. I loved it.

Here is a photo of the two of us on camels, two years ago today. In Giza, not at all far from the bustling city of Cairo, yet worlds apart. The gentleman in the photo is Nabil, our driver for a week when we were there. Nabil was the best thing about Egypt, a wonderful human being who really made sure we had the best experience he could give us. (The camel driver took the photo.)

One Response to “Two Years Ago Today”

  1. Goldy Says:

    Big fan of India (though I’ve never been there) big hater of camels since I seemacrd on top of one, hating it in Tunisia. I was 7. Had no front teeth. Attractive. Anyway, thanks for liking my last post. I’m travelling for the next 12 months to Australia, Hawaii, Barbados and ending with 6 months in South America so carry on finding me and checking what I’m up to.