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A Contest

Well, I spent the last month working on my web presence… I had sites on four different servers and now they are all on one. I then did my best to update all the links on all the pages.

I have hundreds of pages on little obscure mini-sites such as The Fabric of Friendship, the LDTH Poetry Collection and Lynn and Brian’s Fabulous Yucatecan Adventure. The last one is 1996. My polymer clay site also began in 1996. There was much to do, to get these things brought into the relatively-modern age with proper current links.

I even checked the links on my blog sidebar, and this blog rendition is only since August. Even some of those sites had moved.

I created a new calendar through Gmail/Google, and I created a new shopping cart instead of my old patterns/yarns pages. It was a lot of very late nights in a row, to get this all in order. And now I believe I am done.

So now comes the Great Idea I got from Sarah Peasley. I’m having a contest. For anyone who can find a mistake on any ColorJoy.com/LynnH.com page, either a link or a misspelling of midwestern English, if you are the first one to find that mistake (or dead link), I will send you the LynnH pattern of your choice. I would prefer if you posted your finds to my email address at Lynn AT ColorJoy DOT com.

It is a good thing to limit these things, so the final day to find mistakes and claim a prize will be January 3.

As far as I can tell, the sites and pages I intend for the world to see can all be linked to by starting at the new navigation bar at the top of this blog page. I hope you don’t find anything, for my sake. However, I hope you win a prize, for your sake.

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