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I am at my desk in total silence other than the clicking of the keys and an occasional car passing by. I can not think of anything I would rather do today than continue this quiet bliss.

I am a very social person but I get wiped out by too many people, and then I need a quiet retreat. Last night when I got home after 4 hours with children at Foster Center, Brian offered to go out so that I could be alone. I said no at the time, but I would love some of that right this minute.

As it is, I am going to go run some errands, be with kids for 4 more hours this afternoon, run more errands, maybe hang at Rae’s for the Thursday night Knit in, and *then* be home in relative quiet. That is only a few hours away and I will be fine. I sure love it when the loudest thing I can hear is the furnace blower… total luxury.

perfecthuggoddessdiana.jpgThere is still much to do for my business during this low-teaching time of year. I start my adult teaching schedule on January 7/Sunday, at Threadbear, teaching Perfect Hug Shawl (which is essentially three shawls in one pattern, depending on the size/length/yarn you choose). The photo at right is Diana modeling the Goddess size version.

Until then I have a website to fill (I took photos of six button entries today which will be added to the cart tonight if all goes well). And of course, our New Year’s Eve concert.

I have stayed up too late several days this week but finally crashed at a more normal time for me last night. Then I woke up when the garbage truck passed by and could not sleep again. It could be worse… I did get a bit done this morning.

heftonesatdagwoodsbyjen20.jpgI think I’m also a little dragged out from the smoke the other night. You see, we went to open mic night at Dagwood’s Tavern on Tuesday. We love the people there, and our friend Jen Sygit is the hostess of the weekly event. I always love going there when I can find a Tuesday night free.

We had a blast but I had to yell a bit to be heard when chatting, so my voice is tired, and all that smoke is hard on the sinuses at this time of year. Never mind that kids are sneezing on everything at work. Yesterday after the kids left I spent 15 minutes wiping down all the computer mice and keyboards, hoping to make things a little better for them. It’s definitely “wash hands often” season. So far so good, I’ve been quite well this last few years.

So today I will venture forth. The good news is that once I get going I enjoy myself. It is just that changing of gears that is hard for me. I’m just not good at transitions. Especially on cold, gray winter days.

I will make color in my day and I will bundle up. And I will enjoy the folks I see once I go forth! Have a good one, too.

Photo: The Fabulous Heftones at Dagwoods. Thanks to Jen Sygit for taking the photo.

One Response to “Reluctant”

  1. Janet Says:

    I enjoy reading your blog, Lynn. Interesting to hear about your visit to the smokey tavern. New York has had a law for the past couple of years now making any public building or business smoke-free. It has been great! There used to be smoking and non-smoking sections which didn’t really work. Peace to you in the new year. ~Janet

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