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Human Necessities

Sometimes I forget I’m human… twice this week I got major headaches from “forgetting” to eat lunch. Lunch really is not optional, I need some sort of fuel mid-day as we all do. However, my schedule is odd and I often eat breakfast just before I leave and then I’m out for so long that I miss a meal time. If I could buy food at a restaurant I bet I would do it, but I am allergic to almost anything (but sushi or lettuce salad) that is available in restaurants. I’m relatively bad at planning packed meals when I’m going to be in town. Clearly this part of my life needs renewed focus, because the headaches are no fun.

So last night after getting out of computer lab I did as many of my errands as I could. (I did miss Rae’s knit in, unfortunately, but I got to see the folks at Threadbear and Linda at Little Red Schoolhouse anyway.) And then it was dinnertime. Brian got home from work around 8:20pm and we decided we would go out for sushi. I usually have lunch with Altu on Thursdays but for the 2 weeks of Holiday vacation I’m working the computer lab and I have to miss that ritual. So I went to the same sushi restaurant at a different time of day with a different person, and had the same great food.

Then home. I did bake a bit, more granola bars. I am getting pretty good at these, though I’m still not at the stage where they are perfect enough to stop tweaking the recipe. Every batch is a new experiment and these are very very good. If I’d had some granola bars in the freezer to start yesterday, I would have had food in my purse when I was hungry midday and maybe I could have skipped the headache.

I’m trying to think of more things like this, that I can make and freeze ahead for a quick afternoon boost. Maybe I can figure make some pumpkin bread or some sort of cookie/brownie/bar.
After baking the granola bars I went to bed. It was 11:00pm. I typically can not sleep until 1:30am at the earliest, and sometimes I’ll go to bed at 3am and not be able to sleep right away. Last night? I knit for a very short while but could not keep my eyes open. I was asleep by 11:15. I had taken a nice cup o’tea up there with me. When I awoke that cup was still on the stand with only a sip or two out of it.

Sleep is the universal cure. When there was little medicine to cure people, they would go to bed and sleep until the body could work through an illness on its own. I felt positively sick when I woke up briefly at 1am, but now it is 10am, I slept for almost 11 hours and I feel human again. Whew!!!

And as they say, tomorrow (today in this case) is another day. I’m so glad to feel well, it will be a good one.

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