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Some Fun Non-Knitting Blogs

Timbo (of Timboland and the Swampy Award Alda won) and I have written back and forth a little this week. He was sort of wishing someone else would have awards like he did so he could check out new blogs.

I am not inclined to do awards, I’m not a thorough enough surfer to be fair, but I did send him a list of some non-knitting sites which have made me smile at least once or twice. I figure maybe you folks would enjoy a list, as well. For the most part, they are listed in the order in which I found them.

Of course, Alda’s Iceland Weather Report is first on the list. I read every post, though I don’t get over there every day. I don’t get anywhere every day!


Patrice Douge, a photojournalist in Florida:


The cooking adventures of Chef Paz, complete with New York Monday photos:


Aaron in Africa: my time in Togo (peace corps volunteer):


Bookseller Chick (used to work a bookstore and it just closed):


Des chapeaux, just photos of vintage hats, they are unbelievable, extreme, artful, extreme again (this one posts rather infrequently:


Ukulele and All that Jazz (Howlin Hobbit, a ukulele/jazz/smoky bar musician in Seattle):


Plastic Girl (artist in Australia who works in plastics):


Leigh Witchel (Ballet Dancer/Choreographer, Knit Designer, Cat Lover, Travel Fanatic, expert on saving travel bucks and using frequent flyer miles/points (whatever they call them):


Something in Season: cook-local recipes from gluten-free chef, and wonderful stories at times of family:


One Small Corner of the World (photography and accompanying poetry):


Gluten-Free Girl (from the same author as the above photo/poetry blog… not just recipes and cooking but storytelling including a love story, just a wonderful read):


Not a blog, but LibriVox is recording many thousands of books in the public domain, into audiobooks. They take volunteers to read/record the books, or you can just go and get something and listen. (Thanks to Brenda Dayne of the Cast-On Podcast for this one.):


Well, that should keep you entertained for a little while!!!

2 Responses to “Some Fun Non-Knitting Blogs”

  1. Karla Says:

    Glad you’re getting better, just don’t wear yourself out. Thanks for the list, I hope I have time to check them out today. I love to explore the net, I think I might be addicted.

  2. Howlin' Hobbit Says:

    I *used to be* a “ukulele/jazz/smoky bar musician” until last year when the nanny-staters here in Washington voted to make the last remaining 20% of bars and restaurants non-smoking.

    I can certainly understand a non-smoker’s wish to go to a non-smoking bar. But they already had 80% of the places (just by choice of the bar owners… “choice” being the operative word here) and, quite frankly, inflicting their worldview on me in this fashion makes me *very* angry.

    Thanks much for the shout out!