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Food Photos

sweetpotatofries.jpgLast week I made oven-roasted sweet potato fries and took photos but didn’t have the energy to process the photo for you. I am feeling much better, at least when I’m sitting down, and I have a non-work day today so I finally got around to the picture.

Today for breakfast I made muffins from Teff flour. I’ve been working on this recipe since September. I first made the recipe from Bob’s Red Mill, and it was very good but it called for three different flours and two eggs. I wanted to get it down to Teff and arrowroot starch/flour, and eliminate the eggs.

Since Teff has no gluten, it does not stick together well without egg. It also tends to dry out very quickly after baking, so it is much better eaten fresh out of the oven. I reduced the size of the batch so that it makes 6 muffins rather than a dozen. I played with using flaxseed meal to bind the muffins together but that made the muffins too oily the times I tried.

I have recently been using either pumpkin, sweet potato or squash to bind it and that really helps. It not only helps glue things together but it allows more moisture in the muffins without them refusing to cook through.

teffmuffins.jpg I also do not tolerate baking powder particularly well (there is constarch in most brands, potato starch in others, and cream of tartar in the make-your-own-powder recipes, all of which do not agree with me in varying ways).

I can have baking soda, but it needs acid to help it rise. I can’t have fruit juice or vinegar and the vitamin C powder I could find was derived from corn (I could buy non-corn online but shipping costs as much as the powder). Cream of Tartar is derived from grapes… I have been using it but that is also not very good both on the mold-allergy and fruit-sensitivity fronts.

I finally figured out that I could use tomato paste. Ta-dah! I only needed half a teaspoon of tomato paste for six muffins… you can not taste it but the muffins rose better than any I ever made using cream of tartar. Cool biz!

These were the prettiest muffins yet, they had domed tops rather than flat ones, and they crackled just right. The color was pretty. I used sweet potato baby food (yes really) and olive oil to keep them moist. They were still a little dry but I think that I just needed to add some water to couteract the dryness of the tomato paste. I’m so close to the perfect Teff Muffin, I’m almost ready to make another batch tonight for dessert!

Teff is SO good, I really love it. The taste is similar to a bran muffin with a similar texture. It also is very high in protein and other nutrients, one of the highest of all the grains.

Teff is almost chocolate brown in color, but if you add brown sugar, sweet potato, cinnamon and cloves as I did, the taste and looks of the muffins go together perfectly. Woohoo! When I get a batch I think is really right I’ll post it. maybe tonight.

I do love eating. And since I’m fairly successful with baking, I’m learning not to mind that much (other than the cleanup). I’m loving roasted vegetables, especially rutabaga and parsnips, though we’ve also roasted butternut squash, sweet potatoes, fennel bulbs and beets. The only one I would not do again is the fennel, I like that much better crunchy and fresh in a salad.

Then there is cooking meat, or fish for that matter… oh, no… there is no way I will ever like meat, either the idea of it, the taste/texture, anything. But I’m eating it (well, birds and fish but not mammals, my choice) because that is what I need to do to be healthy. I do not miss cheese. I only miss eggs when friends meet for breakfast at a diner.

However, I really miss beans. I want to eat beans every night for dinner as I once did. I love edamame (fresh soybeans) at the sushi house, black beans at the Mexican restaurant or home, blackeyed peas (not only for New Years Day), lentils and chickpeas at the Indian restaurant, Altu’s incredible Lima Beans and lentils, fava beans and hummous (chickpeas) at middle-eastern restaurants, refried pinto beans as a quick meal at home. I even miss tofu… and it took me decades to learn to like the stuff.

I can have a few beans, occasionally, these days. Thank goodness split peas are working out so I can at least eat that one meal at Altu’s Restaurant. For now many beans are not working for me and I am learning slowly what else I can eat. Brian steamed some salmon last night with green beans (we usually eat some sort of greens with fish which really is a good combination), and I had smoked salmon sashimi and steamed rice with Altu yesterday for lunch. I’m learning.

Meanwhile, I can at least share the photos of my successes with you. Roasted root veggies and teff muffins!!! They really are wonderful.

One Response to “Food Photos”

  1. Karla Says:

    Wow. You have to eat. I used to have a few foods that caused some minor allergic reaction, nothing bad enough to consult an expert. But after my hysterectomy, all natural hormones gone, I slowly realized the foods I usually avoided were no longer a problem. Have you ever heard of that? I thought it was a pleasant surprise, but never delved into it. Of course, I’m not recommending that as a possible cure, that would be extreme!!!