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It is ugly winter here (Lansing, Michigan, USA), alternating between very cold one day, sunny and almost warm another, then cold again the third. There is nearly no color unless you choose it in clothing or home surroundings. I’m doing my best to wear my brighter clothes these last few days.

Today when the sun went down I felt a wave of sadness. Our sun stays out longer than Alda’s Iceland (read her Iceland Weather Report blog, it is wonderful… and it reminds me of the sunlight hours we get that she does not).

When I get a bit o’the blues, I try to get back to gratitude. I remember that as I got home today I was so grateful for the community in Lansing, the fibery wonderful folks and shops and students and guilds, who all make it possible for me to actually make a modest but honest living as an artist.

I teach, I write/sell patterns, I occasionally dye yarn and sell it, I more occasionally make buttons (or teach polymer clay). I sometimes sing professionally, and when I’m really lucky I get to dance for pay. Mostly I’m a knitting-related fiberartist and teacher. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done, the most rewarding job ever.

Yesterday I was in all three shops where I usually teach. Today I was in two. I’ve made such good friends at all of them! Yesterday I was in line buying something at Threadbear, and behind me was a student I met at Little Red Schoolhouse. Today I was at Rae’s and I saw a student I also see at Altu’s restaurant where I sing.

Today I got to see my friend Rae after she was gone from her shop for a week on vacation/working retreat… getting away is a rare thing for we self-employed folks. My friend Linda who runs Little Red Schoolhouse also got away for a while and will be back soon. I will enjoy talking to her about her trip, as well.

And today I delivered several dozen patterns to Threadbear. Can I tell you how much I appreciate the folks over there? They like my patterns so much they recommend them to folks who are looking for projects to knit. They know that my instructions/photos are clear enough to help someone who may live out of town and not be able to come back and pop in with a question. And they keep on ordering/selling patterns. In what are wonderful quantities for a little business like mine. I am so grateful!

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