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Kristi’s Comfort Wrap is Up on My Shop!

Kristi's Comfort WrapIt’s official. My friend Kristi/Red Dog Knits has given her blessing on the pattern I first knit for her. I’m naming the pattern after her, with her permission of course.

She had a loss so big I felt I had to do something, and she was on bedrest so I could not go and be with her. For my own comfort, I needed to take action. But what?

A knitter understands the love in a knitted item, so I knit the most soft, comfy, and huggable wrap I could. I used a wool/alpaca yarn as the base yarn, and knit along every scrap of alpaca or silk I could find in my house. I bought only one ball of yarn, the rest came from my stash. The one ball I bought was a silk/wool singles by Louisa Harding in a blue-teal, I just had to have that texture in there. Kristi’s shawl is the yellow-green one shown a few posts back.

Kristi has told me that she wears the wrap often and that it does feel like comfort to her. I was honored that she took it to the hospital with her for the birth of her boys.

Off the record, we all have been calling this the “Kristi Wrap” anyway, since the one I knit for her. I just wanted her full enthusiasm to call it that on paper, in respect for her privacy. Today she said that this is one way for us to always remember her little Elijah, and I’m happy for her that I can do that for her. The pattern is now for sale in my online shop, and it is called Kristi’s Comfort Wrap (or Lap Blanket).

kristi9yarns.jpgPerhaps there is someone in your life you would like to comfort. Perhaps you are just like I was yesterday, out in the very cold winter weather and needing warmth. This wrap is warm and can be knit in a wrap size or a lap blanket/throw size. The wrap is approximately 15 inches/37cm wide, the lap blanket about 22 inches/56cm wide. Both knit up about 51″/127cm long measured without the additional fringes. The length may vary more than the width, depending on your gauge.

The photos here are of the sample wrap that is at Rae’s Yarn Boutique. (Well, it will be back there again Tuesday, anyway.) Diana is knitting wraps for Threadbear and Little Red Schoolhouse this week. (What a woman, that Diana is!) Soon we’ll have quite the collection of these in Lansing. When people touch these they will understand why I call it “Comfort.”

cozycomfortshawlcloseuppurplefabricweb2.jpgAn added bonus is that it is a very simple pattern to knit, just knit stitches, no increases or decreases. It’s knit “sideways” or the long way which makes it look more woven than knit. I explain everything in such a way that even a newcomer to knitting will be able to follow the instructions (no abbreviations needed). The only challenge might be choosing yarns, but there is a two-page appendix on yarn structures, colors, fibers, care and combining of yarns.

It’s all about using the leftovers in the stash to create interest and color… after all, if you liked them when you bought them, they probably look good together. Right? The cool thing is that the more yarns you combine, the more likely they blend well together. Much fun, much warmth, much comfort. I’m delighted.

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