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Grumpy… and Not March Yet

Thursday I wrote a really long post, published it to the web for a short while, then took it down. I decided not to pass my less than cheery thoughts to you.

I had two difficult days in a row with young people (Wednesday and Thursday). Mind you, in my classroom all was in order.

It was busier and noisier than usual because I had at one point a dozen knitters (8 boys and 4 girls) and two computer kids. They still honored my rules and observed the usual level of politeness (pretty good with a few lessons in boundary-setting thrown in at times).

However, in the building (outside my room, in fact just exactly outside my door) several times I had to deal with difficult situations. They could have impacted the serenity inside my room. I handled it well, in my estimation. My group of knitters grew because of my actions, in an odd turn of events.

Name-calling and teasing are not allowed, you know. There are reasons we have rules of this sort! I had to enforce these things more often (and more forcefully) than usual and it made me sad.

March is a grumpy month. It feels like we all (including myself) got there too soon this year.

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