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Gratitude List

When I get grumpy the best thing I can do is write a list of things I am grateful for… so here it goes:

  • My dishwasher! (Also my clothes washer/dryer.)
  • The February thaw we have had for a few days.
  • My beloved who somehow loves me even when I’m grumpy.
  • Sweet potatoes (see photo).
  • Great friends, some of whom are also the owners of yarn shops where I teach.
  • My “job” which is really a few dozen jobs rolled into one (I never get bored).
  • All of you who have read this blog, purchased any pattern from me, any yarn, any class, any anything… creating income that helps me continue to make a living as an artist/instructor.
  • My car (see photo).
  • My Heftone Bass, a gift from my father in law who invented and built it himself.
  • Two ukuleles I bought for myself… one pistachio green “Flea” and one turquoise “Fluke” (I don’t play them well but I am delighted with them, and never really wanted one before ukes came in colors other than brown). (see photo)
  • My singing career with Brian, another part of making a living as an artist.
  • Foods which I love and which nurture me and make me happy (especially Teff muffins (see photo), baked sweet potatoes and oven-roasted rutabaga fries… really).
  • Yarn, good needles, knitting.
  • My gizmos: laptop, two cameras, cell phone, MP3 player, stereos in car and office and dyeing studio.
  • My fiber tools: spinning wheel, swift, ballwinder, skeinwinder, and its new yardage counter.
  • A house big enough to (almost) hold a one-woman art business, including a basement in which to dye yarn… small for Lansing but it would be luxurious if we lived in NYC and I know it.
  • Color. Lots and lots of color, the brighter the better. This ncludes my clothing, my dishes, anything I can embellish with more color including our house.
  • The sunshine we have seen in this town in the last week.

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