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Brian Hefferan Solo Performance Tonight!

My Brian is playing during dinner hour at Altu’s Ethiopian Cuisine in East Lansing, MI tonight (Saturday, February 24). The show is 6:30-8:30. You can get a map to Altu’s on her website.

Brian used to do solo performances often enough that I learned about who he was, listening to him play. I loved those old songs he played, and though I was not looking for a partner I always made sure to get to his concerts whenever I saw them announced in the local papers.

Now that we’re The Fabulous Heftones as a couple, he almost never does solo performances. It’s sort of too bad, because the man is an encyclopedia of songs and I know only the tiniest percentage of the music he can play off the top of his head. I mostly know love songs, though I’m working on expanding to jazzy numbers. He does original instrumentals, dance tunes from the turn of the century, rags and marches, jug band music, old timey music (written for fiddle), bluegrass banjo, and more novelty/humor than can fit in two hours.

I am looking forward to “Java Jive” (a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup!… was used for Maxwell House coffee commercials if I remember right). Do consider joining us.

2 Responses to “Brian Hefferan Solo Performance Tonight!”

  1. Diana Says:

    Oscar and I are so glad Brian is putting his music up on Youtube. We have a concert at least once a week :-} It’s not as wonderful as visiting with you and being close enough to come to the concerts, but I’m glad we can still listen to his music. :-}

  2. Jan in PA Says:

    Is that how you met Brian? I’ve often wondered about how you two met. I am certain that one of these days, I’ll hear you play in person. What’s several hundred miles…nothing at all if you really want it.

    I know my mother would adore it. She taught me many of the songs you two sing. Maybe tomorrow when she comes for dinner I’ll let her watch Brian on Youtube.