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Diana’s Moebius

moebius.jpgThe weekend I went to the knitting guild retreat, I learned from my friend Rae how to knit a moebius strip (a tube with one half twist in it, Cat Bordhi has written two books on this). I knit all afternoon and evening finishing the moebius I started that day.

I have never been particularly interested in this sort of knitting. I find the scientific discussion of the moebius very interesting, and I love making them out of paper and showing kids about their “magical” properties. I just never wanted to knit one, it seemed sort of messy-looking.

I don’t know why a moebius seems messy yet I adore Sally Melville’s Best Friend Jacket/Vest (which has a three-part asymmetrical hemline). Since when do humans make sense, anyway? I’m thinking in this case that I have a tendency to like geometric shapes like triangles more than flowing and organic shapes, but then again there may be more to it.
But a moebius seemed a sort of perfect thing for my beloved Diana. She’s more mystical than I am, more able to take things for what they are than I. I like to think I’m airy-fairy but in fact that is true only in some areas of my life. Diana is more accepting of natural disorder than I am, I think.

For whatever reason… I determined that for most of a day (on retreat) I would knit for Diana. She knits for me, hours and hours and hours and days each week, most weeks. She will rip out and do it over if need be.

She doesn’t complain and she allows me to merely send her lovely yarns in payment. I would love to give her a paycheck but we both know this would be impossible in my current business structure… and she’s OK with this arrangement. In fact, she suggested this arrangement in the first place, and she keeps calling me, asking what else she can knit for me. I’m OK if this changes someday but I sure am getting a lot more done for my business right now with her help!!!

So at the retreat I cast on some dark purple Nashua Creative Focus worsted wool/alpaca in what I thought would be a single-wrap cowl for Diana. I bound off with an attached I-cord using Louisa Harding Impression yarn which Diana loves (it’s a knit nylon ribbon with a soft baby mohair fuzz attached to it, really lovely). The bind off was more than 750 stitches but it seemed the right ending.

And when I took it off the needles, it was half as wide and twice as long as I had expected. I was *very* disappointed at first. I blocked it anyway, and worked in the ends. And took it to Rae’s shop to pout a little.

Then Rae showed me that I could wrap it twice to make it look about the size I had expected in the first place. It would be more warm, every bit as soft and perhaps more beautiful with more of the colorful edges showing.

I sent it to Diana (not telling her I had misgivings). She called me the next day to tell me that she was wearing it wrapped around her head, soft and warm, and she loved it. Of course, I did tell her the story eventually but that was after I allowed her to love it just the way it was.

Sometimes luck goes my way. Whew!

2 Responses to “Diana’s Moebius”

  1. Dawn Brocco Says:

    Hi Lynn,
    Have you seen Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitting Around? She unvented the knitted moebius (shawl / cap / muff) back in ’81, then later her moebius vest. It apparently took a longggg time before other designers picked up the idea and expounded on it!

    It’s like knitting ideas go into hibernation, along with knitting’s popularity, waiting to be resurrected.

  2. Cyndy Says:

    Hi Lynn. I just went back and put myself on your notification list. The new sock weight yarn arrived and the color is so vibrant. I gave someone some of your Cushy Color Sport as a gift and she was thrilled.

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