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Creating a Good Mood

The weather here is crummy. The sky is gray, it’s cold and wet, and there has been snow off and on for a while. It’s pretty big flakes but it would be easy to get down about it if I did not make distractions for myself.

lynnkristiyarns.jpgI spent Monday morning singing Annette Hanshaw‘s version of “Loveable and Sweet,” for hours. (This is a 1920’s pop/early jazz song by my favorite singer of the era.)

I just put the song on repeat and kept singing it. (I’m trying to learn the words so I can perform it. I just learn best when I repeat a zillion times… and I love the song so I don’t get tired of it at all.) The best line? “He’s candy!” I could not have a bad mood listening to Annette no matter how gray it was outside.

Then I went to my post office box. Wowie! The Kristi Comfort Wrap Diana offered to knit for me arrived. Oh. My. Incredible. Not a bit of gray in any one of these yarns, I’d say. Total intensity heaven for this ColorJoy fanatic. I like colors high on the intensity/saturation scale (in art class they called this “high chroma”). The lower the chroma, the more gray or black in the color… the higher the chroma the less gray and the more “fluorescent” it looks. This wrap is very close to fluorescent.

flowerseeds.jpgI got to choose the yarns, and Diana knit. I feel so loved. It is around my shoulders as I type this. It is SO warm and SO colorful and SO soft! It’s like a hug, which is just what I intended when I knit the first one of these for Kristi. I never imagined I would get hugged back by a later version of the same design.

I once more chose Nashua Creative Focus wool/alpaca worsted as my base yarn. I chose ten knit-alongs in all (alternating two of them where I didn’t have enough to finish a stole with just that yarn). There is mohair, alpaca, angora, merino wool, and sockyarn in here, and even one handspun singles which I spun myself, from merino/silk.

The colors in the stole are totally ColorJoy, in the truest sense. The range goes from the bluest of purples through hot purple, and fuschia/hot pink. On the other side of the spectrum I have turquoises from bluish to greenish, deep to light, (including the aqua I used for the background color in my intarsia knitted self-portrait last summer). And there are two sockyarns with blues, grass green, and one with hot spring green as a “pop” to wake up the rest of the colors.

I can not explain how much I love this stole. Thank you, Diana!
I had to go straight to teach computer class from the post office, pretty much. (There was much interest in my stole from my students, of course.) On the way home from the classes I stopped at a kitchen store, trying to find a certain baking pan which they did not have.

yellowdishes.jpgHowever, they had a clearance table of dinnerware. I took home four small plates, in sunny-side-up yellow. They are so cheerful!

Most of my dishes are a medium-to-light turquoise/aqua color, but I have had this set for about 15 years and more than half of the small plates are broken. It makes me very sad. However, now I have these yellow plates to make me smile and that really makes a difference. (The Fiesta bowl in the photo is the only turquoise Fiestaware I own, but it is the same color as my main set of dishes.)

Oh… the middle photo? Tuesday in a mood of total optimism, I purchased Morning Glory seeds. I’m not much of a gardener but my friend Ulyana gave me some of these one year and they were really pretty and did fairly well in my crummy soil. The seeds need to be planted one to two weeks before the final frost. I *love* that idea!

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