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violetsinsideyard.jpgEvery spring, in our yard it is the violets that bloom first. When they come I know that winter may blow a snowflake or two more, but we are in a warming trend for a long time.

I love the violets! They are “weeds” but we make sure to never use anything on our lawn that might endanger their happiness. These weeds are the very best sort.

This morning I got up and found a single violet that Brian had plucked and placed in a spot where he knew I would not miss it. I almost cried in joy. He knows how important the spring flowers are to me, and he loves me enough to take time out in his morning to share the news of the first blooms of spring.

The photo here is of last year’s violet crop. Today we have maybe a dozen blooms, but more will follow.

3 Responses to “Violets!!!”

  1. Diana Troldahl Says:

    How sweet :-}
    Oscar and I went out and visited our crocus today (crocii?)

  2. Priscilla Says:

    that has to be the sweetest thing i ever heard.

    brian rocks!

  3. Trish Says:

    Oh! I’m running outside right now to check the places where my violets grow…..drats…nothing yet :-(

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