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Ukes in the News

fabheftonesatclub20.jpgMark Wedel of the Kalamazoo Gazette wrote an enthusiastic article on us (Brian and I, as The Fabulous Heftones) which can be seen on M-Live (if you give them your zip code and birth year). Here is the article. He did a good job. I did tell him we opened for Steppin’ in It and that at least one of the guys in the band (Andy Wilson) plays uke. I think that’s a cool sign that young folks are discovering the instrument (Rachael Davis also has a uke, as do a bunch of the folks who record with Earthwork Music). Somehow the quote says we claim credit for Andy playing the uke… which I didn’t say, but since he did the interview by phone I think he did a pretty good job with the rest of the facts.

Andrew Kroll also interviewed us via phone and email, for the Western Herald, but as of midnight I did a search and did not find an article for 2007 on ukulele, heftone, or fretboard. I’m guessing then that the article will come out tomorrow, the day of the event.

I’m getting excited. It will be a really fun day, a great event. My wonderful brother, Eric, really wanted to come but he works on Saturdays. I will see Karla… anyone else?

Photos: Above, Brian and I at the Lansing Country Club, and  left, at Coopers Glen Music Festival in Kalamazoo last August.

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