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Dallas: Fashion Show

dallasfashionjennifer.jpgApologies for this last delay in posting. I found out that this weekend was the deadline for applying to teach somewhere and I dropped everything to put together proposals for 7 classes and a bio. Send good vibes on that one for me if you would.

Friday was exciting. After class, thedallasfashionlily.jpg board made sure the out-of-town instructors would get good food. They took us to a favorite nearby restaurant. It was starting to blow and rain, and our fearless leader, Mary Kay, stayed tuned in to the weather report as we were on our dinner run. We were expecting hail and severe rain weather. We got that and more.

We did sit and order our meals at the restaurant and were waiting for it to be cooked when the sirens went off. The restaurant was all windows so we decided to get our food to go and run back to the nearby convention center where the festival was based. The dallasfashioncrochetskirt.jpgmiddle of the building is a storm shelter so that was the safest nearby place for us. We piled into the car with bags of food and drove through large hail to get to the festival. We had greeters posted at the back door of the loading dock. We ran helter-skelter from the car to the building, and ate in the safe area of the building.

dallasfashionbeigejacket.jpgIn the end, the all-clear happened in time for us to start the fashion show only 10 minutes late. Even though we had so many door prizes to give out that everyone in the audience went home with at least one prize, and even though we had four collections of items to show, we did not go over at the end of the timeframe. Mary Kay was in charge of the show and she did a great job making sure we all were ready to go on when it was our turn. She coordinated dozens of garments and it went without a hitch.

dallasfashionmargolynn.jpgThe first collection was a trunk show from the Berroco yarn company. The second was from a local yarn shop. The third was student works, the fourth was instructor works. There was a lot of breadth in the work, from scarves to lace shawls, to baby garments, adult garments and accessories. Some were knit, some crocheted. All thought-provoking, some downright incredible.

Most of us modeling were instructors or Board members, with a few friends. There was one exception. Jennifer heard there would be a fashion show. She’s a local model and called the Board offering to participate. She did a great job. She fit Melody’s tiny crocheted tank tops perfectly. The one she is modeling here fit her so well that Melody ended up gifting her with the item. It was in a magazine at one time, I don’t have the details. We were very happy to get to know Jennifer and to have her in our show.

dallasfashionmarykay.jpgHere you have an assortment of garments from all sections of the show, in no particular order. We have Jennifer in a crocheted tank by Melody MacDuffee, followed by Lily Chin looking absolutely wonderful in a Swarovsky-Crystal beaded top of her own design (I don’t know if it was knit or crocheted). Then you see an adorable child’s crocheted skirt set (I don’t know the designer), and me in beige perhaps for the first time since 1977, in a linen-stitch chanel-style jacket that fit wonderfully, from the yarn shop collection.

After me is Margo Lynn (listmom of the KnitTalk Yahoo group and Board member, the one who suggested me to the Board for this festival) wearing a sunshine-coral beach set, crocheted top with tassels and ribbon with a straw bag, I think also from the yarn shop. This is in sharp contrast to the jackets she wears so often, which made it easy for her to camp it up a bit and play the cheerful teen on the runway.

Then comes the fun of the evening… Mary Kay, board member, wearing what was intended to be a scarf/boa made of synthetic “fur” eyelash yarn, a tube which she turned into a top just for fun during the show. She had a great time with that as did all of us.

dallasfashionmelissa.jpgOn the right we have a really cool lady whose name I don’t remember and I’ve lost her card… she has a yarn line with lots of cashmere, the line is called JoJo.dallasfashionjojo.jpg I bought some of her superwash fingering for socks but I have misplaced the yarn also at this late hour… I’ll dig that out before this travelogue is done. Anyway, she’s wearing a sweater with an unusual hemline from Berroco and holding a Berroco child’s garment. I liked how the sweater draped but wasn’t sure about the hemline, I think the pattern is on Berroco’s website and may check it out more later.

The final photo at left is a local knitter whose name I seem to remember is Melissa, wearing a top from Berroco which fit her so well it was a shame she could not take it home. She won my Fabulous Heftones In The Garden CD in the door prizes and was delighted, it’s her sort of music. I was thrilled for us both. Her red purse was made from car seat belt material, it was really quite shiny and interesting, I liked it.

OK off to bed for now, I have a class in the morning. More Dallas yet to come, stay tuned!!!

2 Responses to “Dallas: Fashion Show”

  1. Diana Troldahl Says:

    Oh how fun!
    Great reporting job Lynn!

  2. Karla Says:

    Lynn, First, good luck with that teaching job proposal! I’m sending positive vibes.
    I love knitting fashion shows, you just never know what you’ll see! Like the “tube dress”, what a hoot! Have you ever seen the sock monkey knit dresses or swim suit? If you haven’t, you should google them. I have an item that I carry around sometimes, that always gets a fun reaction, from the Interweave Knit Magazine, spring 2007. The pretty blue thong on page 50. Of course, You Will Never See Me Model It!

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