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Dallas-Ft. Worth Fiberfest: a Class Act

dallasjerryandmelody.jpgI do have photos of the Arboretum and other Dallas spots for my next post, but that goes past my DFW Fiberfest story. I had one last wonderful photo left to share with you, though, and some thanks to make.

The board of the DFW Fiberfest made everything work so smoothly it was a delight. I’m used to driving wherever I go, whether it be Minneapolis (14 hours), New York (11 or so hours), Boston (16 to 20 hours depending on how often one stops), or Chicago (3.5-4hr). When you drive, you can take care of your own last-minute needs. However, I flew to Dallas and was feeling a bit powerless over that part of the trip.

Then I got there and was whisked off to the Whole Foods grocery store where I could get food I needed. They made sure I had a refrigerator in my room so I could keep the food a while. And when my big box containing 3 pasta machines for my polymer clay class never arrived, they didn’t flinch but instead whisked me off to JoAnn Fabrics where I could buy what I needed to make the class go without a hitch. Top notch.

However, beyond the business workings of it all, they were warm and caring people who made us feel absolutely welcome and valued. From going out of their way to pick restaurants where I could eat (and not yet not bore the other diners), to giving me gifts, making sure we had a quiet room to mellow out during lunchtime, and even showing up halfway through the afternoon with a cold bottle of water without even needing to ask. Melody looked up halfway through her Sunday afternoon class to find she was being handed cough drops (she needed them, and again she did not even need to ask).

I have never felt so valued and so welcomed. I sincerely hope I get to return there again. I understand that they rotate instructors from year to year… may I be blessed with another rotation.

Thanks to Margo Lynn, Molly, Jerry and Mary Kay.

And isn’t this photo of Jerry and Melody just the best? Good folks, they both are, and looking fine in this shot.

2 Responses to “Dallas-Ft. Worth Fiberfest: a Class Act”

  1. Karla Says:


    That sounds like real Southern hospitality to me! They are masters at making people feel welcome.

  2. Trish Says:

    I just love that you and your needs were so well taken care of. It sounds like they are very thoughtful and considerate and deserving of your praise. I’m so glad you had such a great time. Welcome home!

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