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Another NYC Ukefest Photo on Flickr

Here is yet another (really nice) photo of The Fabulous Heftones‘ performance on stage in NYC last Friday (poke around and find four photos of Mad Tea Party in the same photoset while you are there… our photo is number 18 of 19). We are also pictured here .

This guy really got us looking fine. And yes, we really are for real and we really are happy and in love and we sing songs about love and happiness for the most part. And why not? Love is the most real thing we could possibly sing about, in my opinion. It’s more universal, that feeling of love, or the longing for it or the wishing it would return… more than about any other emotion a human might feel. Even if it might not be the state of your life at the moment, it rings true on some level.

What a life I lead! I have been counting my blessings since before I left to teach in Dallas, and I haven’t stopped yet with all the New York experiences I haven’t yet fully processed. How did I get here? I had more challenges than happiness in my life until I was in my early 30’s. Now I’m 48 and I guess I knew other people were this happy, but I didn’t imagine it would happen to me.

The secret to happiness, of course, is to notice the small things. To celebrate a cup of tea, a piece of chocolate or a good olive, the giggle of a child, a sunbeam, chance encounters with good people. If you wait for big things to happen before you are happy, you will surely wait a long time. In my case, April 2007 has brought two very big things (teaching at Dallas-Ft. Worth Fiberfest and singing in New York City at NYUkefest). Today my feelings of gratitude are big along with those experiences.

OK, I’m off to process more of my own photos for you…

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