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New York: Sunday 100% Fun

nycbreakfastfruit.jpgSunday was a combination of wondrous things for me in NYC. We met our friends Pat and Jim for breakfast at the Grammercy Diner. The food was beautiful to look at, ordinary food presented well. I love taking photos of plates of food and I gave in to that inclination this day.

I am getting my times mixed up here a bit, but Brian and I wandered around the East Village and found a large flea market we decided to check out. nycpancakesandcurves6.jpgI got a broomstick skirt and a retro early-70’s dress with a wild bright print on it.

I am always on the lookout for costumes to sing in when we play as The Fabulous Heftones, and there were a few lovely pieces that either were in bad repair or sun faded, or just plain would not fit. It was too bad but I didn’t find anything that day. One was so right (but it was very tiny) that it did inspire me to think of the perfect pseudo-flapper dress I could perhaps sew myself.

nycbreakfasteggs.jpgI used to sew a lot, though that was in the days when I was unhappy… and I sort of don’t enjoy going back to that space in my head when I’m sewing now. I think maybe getting a buddy to work with me on the cutting out of the fabric might help me ease in again once I figure out what I want to make. I can get fabrics I like but I’m still working out the details in my mind before I buy any lace or satin.

nycpastries.jpgOn the way back to the theatre I picked up some good tea at the corner. In the display cases they had pastries that reminded me of Montreal. Fresh fruits with glaze, almost artificial-looking in their color, beautiful. In Lansing there are not enough people to buy, for these to be cost-effective at a coffee shop. I have never seen this sort of pastry in Lansing under any circumstances. I had to take a photo.

We went down to the theatre after breakfast and the walk, and then I decided to do another detour to another yarn shop. This one was Downtown Yarn, on Avenue A near 3rd St. My friend from last year, Claire, suggested this shop and she knew their Sunday hours so she encouraged me to get down there. I was all about a walk on a relatively quiet Sunday noontime, and I gave in to that idea easily.

nycfarmmarket.jpgI walked past a park and there was a sort of farmer’s market going on at that point. On Avenue A there were a few breakfast places that looked packed full of young folks dressed up well. I also noted a few Thai places for possible lunch, and in fact did pick up some Pad Siew on the way back to the theatre at one of the spots.

It mostly was quiet at around noon in that area. I noticed how many shops were closed, in a city that supposedly never sleeps. Apparently they just sleep in the morning (like me). I had been warned that the yarn shop would look unassuming from the outside and indeed it had a regular house-like screen door entrance. I went in.

nycdowntownyarn.jpgWhat a nice shop! They were instantly friendly and chatted with me about yarn and the ukulele festival. I was not the first to come down from the fest, and they had noticed the out-of town business pleasantly. I picked one skein of yarn that is from New York State, in many greens (I do this every spring), and went back, stopping for lunch to go on the way back. I also kept my eye out for internet cafes and 24-hour restaurants for future use.

nycminithaicafe.jpgThings were hopping at the theatre, and Ron and Brian were playing music together at the performer’s (CD) tables when I got there. I settled in for lunch and chatted with a number of folks including young Gabriela from the UK, the daughter of Steven Sproat who did a workshop on Saturday that Brian thoroughly enjoyed. She was a sunbeam, with a big smile and an enthusiasm which spread to many of us. We also jammed when we could, though the space was pretty noisy and we could not keep it up long.

At dinner break they closed the theatre and our friend Al from Windsor, Ontario Canada went with us to the area where I’d walked earlier to the yarn shop. The farmer’s market was mostly wrapped up but it’s a large park and we decided to jam there. We stationed ourselves in front of a beautiful covered water drinking fountain (which was used relatively often, which pleased me).

nycronandbrian.jpgWe actually had some clear interest from the crowd. Many people knew of the Ukulele festival in their neighborhood and asked questions. Al took our photos of Brian and I there, and then we asked a bystander to take a shot or two of the three of us.

At one point I started chatting with a woman from the neighborhood while the guys kept playing. She was originally from France but had lived in New York for decades. She was interested in the festival. nycheftonesinpark.jpgIn the end she did come down and go to the Sunday evening concert and at that time I introduced her to Yanni Yalego, the performer from France. They had a nice chat, I guess her sister lives near where he does. Small world. I love it that way.

You know, I keep running into folks in Lansing who insist on thinking that large cities are unfriendly and unsafe. Yes, it is true that there is more of *everything* in a big city, including scary things. But there are more wonderful people, too. And when you go there expecting to find wonderful people, that is exactly what you find.

We found one other person at the park who we hope to stay in touch with. She was a musician, who does Klezmer music. We have a few friends in Lansing who do that as well and we hope to connect them all.

nycparkwithalec.jpgWe are probably going to use Myspace to make those connections happen as quickly as possible. Again, I keep hearing people talk about the down sides of networking online, be it Myspace or something else.

I maintain that there are many ways to get in trouble, with or without a computer. However, there are ways to connect with people who have similar interests (and therefore might be potential actual friends) very quickly on line. I’ve met some very important people in my life from those same-interest connections. I look forward to more of the same. Including the musician in the park in “big, scary” New York City. Except I’d call it “big, wonderful, abundant” New York City. (End of lecture… with big smile on face….)

2 Responses to “New York: Sunday 100% Fun”

  1. Karla Says:

    Did you mention eariler that you weren’t sure that festival would happen again? If they do, would it be in the same location? I want to go! The festival sounds great and that part of the city sounds great, too. What you’ve said and shown about this area reminds me of downtown Ashville, NC. Have you been there recently?

  2. Sheila Says:

    Roma Bakery in Lansing has those kind of pastries
    and the best Baklava in town…

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