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A Remake

briansoxfix2.jpgFriday night I stayed up till 3:30am knitting new ribbing for 1.75″ or so on a pair of socks of Brian’s. They were cotton/wool blend (I finished them 5/11/2002, they were my pair #42).

They had literally ripped to shreds at the top, yet the socks showed no wear at all on the feet after years of wear. When I first made these socks, I alternated every other row on the first ribbing. I first knit with the cotton/wool blend and then a 100% nylon. In the end, both wore through and both stretched out a lot. They were knit on Brittany Birch size 0 needles (2mm), upon which I knit more tighly than other size 0 needles for some reason.

I snipped the last stitch of the ribbing and picked out the stitches of that last row. I then put the top row of stitches on needles and knit up (they were originally knit top down so this was backwards but it worked fine). For those who may worry, those stitches were not going anywhere… they waited patiently for me to put the needles on. Even new stitches tend to sit still if you don’t tug, but these have been washed/dried by machine for years, and they were very comfortable snuggled in with one another, in exactly the shape they have been for years. Not a single stitch tried to slip in the process.

I may not have known at the time I started these, that I should have either decreased the number of stitches or the needle size for ribbing. For the replacement rib I knit one round in stockinette, then I decreased on the second row in pattern (K2P1 rib worked best for this, given the number of stitches I started with).

I took 6 months to finish this pair, at a time when most of my pairs were taking me about 10 days to finish. They didn’t feel or look like socks I would want personally. I just don’t like cotton to knit with, and these were also natural/denim in color, which I thought Brian might like. I’m not a blue person, haven’t owned a pair of blue jeans in maybe 15 years, and I’m not much into natural cotton color, either. It was my affection for my man which somehow made me choose this yarn. Knitting these socks dragged out until Brian asked “Can’t you just tie a knot?” If finishing socks were only that simple!

Since then I’ve learned not to knit any yarn I don’t like personally (I don’t have to want to wear it, but I should enjoy touching/looking at it). Brian likes lots of colors I do, and he is happy wearing standard wool-blend socks.

Although these perhaps are my least fave pair of socks I have ever knit, I don’t give up on something I brought forth into this world. I couldn’t toss them if they were still structurally sound. I couldn’t darn them, either, since the wear was at the top edge. I cut off the ripped part, found some standard wool/nylon yarn in compatible colors (in stash, left over from other socks I knit for Brian), and knit a bit o’rib. Threw ’em in the wash when I went to bed.

When I woke up Brian had gone to work. He’d dried the load and was wearing that very pair, already. I had to wait to ask how they worked out…

For the record he thought they turned out well with the new ribs. The colors didn’t line up the same but they are sort of mirrored… where the blue is on one, the green is on the other, and vice-versa. It’s actually very nice looking although nobody sees that part of the socks but me and Brian, anyway.

I guess that was a good way to spend a few hours!

One Response to “A Remake”

  1. AlisonH Says:

    Go Brian! And go Lynn for knitting/repairing those for him.

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