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East Lansing Art Fair/Knit Sightings

elartfairchenillecrowd.jpgLast Sunday I spent the day at the East Lansing Art Fair. Saturday it was warm and sunny here but it got down into the 50s F and there was no sun on Sunday. We all bundled up, some not quite enough, for the trip to the fair.

I had intended to help Altu at her food booth but she had more than enough people to work. I kept stopping by to see if she needed me but mostly I flitted from lovely event to lovely event. I got there during the performance of The Chenille Sisters, who have been charming audiences for more than 20 years (they are from Ann Arbor). I had not seen them in a long time, though they did remember me when I visited with them afterward. I gifted them with Hershberger Art Kazoos when I first started making them, as a thank you for the happiness I received from their music. It was good to connect with them again.

elartfairklezmerdrew.jpgI also popped by the smaller West stage where our friend Drew was holding court. Apparently he was in three bands in a row on that stage. I caught the last of the acts, the Klezmer band (Drew is far right playing banjo and friend Daniel is at front on accordion). I didn’t stay long enough or I would have been dancing. For some reason people sit and watch dance music, I dance. I don’t feel I have to know how the music is danced to traditionally, I figure I’m honoring the essence of the music by moving.

irenesocksfrommyyarn33.jpgHowever, in this case I was trying to say hi to everyone I could, before the show was over, and I needed to keep checking back with Altu.

On my way from here to there I found Irene, who has taken a few of my knitting classes over time. She last took my Turkish Sock class (the one which uses a single color of yarn and learns the structure of one type of Turkish sock. I was honored when she told me she was wearing a pair of socks she had knit from Yarn I had dyed.

This yarn was a once-only experimental yarn in mostly yellow with blips of a peachy-pink color. In the photo it elartfairsweaterspotting.jpglooks yellow only, and it looks pastel… it’s much more sunny and bright in person.

Irene says that when she was knitting this sock she told many people I’d dyed the yarn and they found it hard to believe. I do not wear yellow but that does not mean I don’t like it! I dye more colors than I wear but since I have such a strong color signature, she had a lot of educating to do. The socks turned out just lovely.

Also I caught the most wonderful sweater on a woman crossing the street with her kids. I didn’t know her so I just took a quick photo and didn’t stop to say hi. It was stranded colorwork in seriously thick yarn. Incredible. She was not chilly that day!

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