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For the record…

(Toronto/Yarn Harlot story will be told before and after this post… thanks for your understanding.)

I did have a good Sunday/Monday off. I slept in, went for a long walk Monday, cooked a bit, did one load of laundry and two of dishes, knit a tiny bit, gardened a few minutes and kept at floor-clearing in my office.

In spite of my resistance to going through papers, magazines and junk mail, I tossed almost one trash bin of paper, moved magazines to another room which is more appropriate, moved other things to appropriate places, filed when possible, put a few things where they belonged and continued to look for items to toss.

torontolynninstreetcar.jpgI understand that once something is not in my house any longer, I’ll never have to look at it again and decide where it goes. It’s harder to do than it sounds.

I think we’ll be able to put down the new rug tomorrow. It would be done already if I were a tidier person. For now I need to admit who I really am, though. I’d rather create than clean.

More Yarn Harlot *Toronto Represent Adventure* photos within 24 hours. Thanks for hanging in there.

[Photo: for your ColorJoy visual entertainment, here is a pic Rae took of me on the Saturday yarn crawl in Toronto. We were on a streetcar/trolley and I was wearing my newly-lengthened Turkish-inspired legwarmers and my Party Stole (pattern to be released as soon as I can get proper photos).]

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