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Please Congratulate Deb Robson

My blog friend Deb Robson/The Independent Stitch is an independent publisher of books. She is (was?) at the big BookExpo of America that another internet friend, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee/Yarn Harlot, also attended. It is held in New York City.

Deb has published some seriously wonderful books. The most precious of them on my own bookshelves is the new version of Knitting in the Old Way, which was originally written by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts. The 2006 revision also lists Deb Robson as co-author, there were so many changes/additions to the book. It’s fabulous just as a historical text about knitting evolution even if you (like me) almost never knit sweaters. There are no socks, only sweaters, and it’s just a fascinating read to this socknitter.

But today’s news is big, bigger, biggest. Two of Deb’s books of 2006 won THREE awards this week. Spinning in the Old Way (one award) and Arctic Lace by Donna Druchunas (two) took home industry recognition for the work Deb has done (with her daughter who is also partner in Nomad Publishing).

I am here to remind you if you ever forgot, that being self-employed is a lonely choice much of the time. You are not working with peers, there is nobody to let you know that you are NOT going crazy, that you WILL make the deadline somehow, that you will somehow be able to make the bills and that the choices you have made were wise.

It is a very very big deal to have your industry recognize you. *Especially* after you went all the way to the finish line, in spite of any doubts and the multitudes of challenges inherent in this sort of lifestyle.

Deb, you have much to be proud of! Go, grrrrll!

Friends, please consider going to Deb’s post about the awards, and leaving her a comment. Even a few words will mean the world to her, I assure you. And consider also leaving a comment on Donna’s Blog

2 Responses to “Please Congratulate Deb Robson”

  1. Diana Troldahl Says:

    Arctic Lace is one of my favorite books, Not just favorite knitting books.

  2. Deborah Robson Says:

    Thanks so much, Lynn! Your post warms my heart and is one of the things that are keeping me going right now. I *just* had a moment (while waiting for my daughter to finish lunch) to check a couple of blogs, and I found it!

    Right now, I’m working double time (maybe triple) to catch up, and wondering if I’ll make it with the fall book. . . . I will, I just don’t know how yet! I spent today chasing boxes of books that one of the parcel services has misdirected (so far unsuccessfully, although apparently someone who can help will be reachable by phone between 3 a.m. and 10 a.m. tomorrow . . . ). The awards are a nice counterpoint to the daily details. . . .

    I’m glad Kristin stayed home. Good choice.

    I’m glad I went to BEA. Good choice.

    I didn’t even catch a glimpse of Stephanie!


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