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Knitting and Geeking

arlyngiftyarn.jpgI’m spending lots of my at-home time these days, switching over (far too slowly) to my new laptop which has Windows Vista. Slowly, things are coming along.

Often it takes patient and calm help from Brian the wonder-husband who can fix anything without one worry line in his brow. Me, I can worry about nothing. Brian is much more stable than I am. I hope we balance one another out well, sometimes I think I’m far too much pepper for his salt but he doesn’t seem to mind.

He especially helped me with getting the system to print. Right now I can get it to look right if I connect the printer and laptop directly. Hopefully we will figure out how to make it work even when we are connected through network wires. If anyone out there knows anything I don’t, I would very much appreciate constructive advice.

I tried three different ways of transferring files between machines (fortunately I still had two more up my sleeve but I didn’t have to use them). I ended up with a linking cable that has a USB connector on both ends. I had to install a program and a driver on both machines, but then I got a screen that looked very comfortable… like an old FTP program or the old Windows 3.1 File Manager. I drag and drop from one machine to the other.

This all works, of course, when it works. If a file gets stuck transferring I have to cancel, reboot sometimes, and then figure out what copied and what did not. I have approximately 23 Gigabytes of photographs alone. That just plain takes time to move, no matter what method is used!

Thank goodness that through it all I have done some knitting to keep me happy and occupied. I have been working on a tank top which may become a tee, for a class I’m teaching. That’s all caught up and ready for next week’s session. I knit a bit more on Brian’s Birthday Socks (his birthday was in May), which only really need an inch or two of ribbing and then an afterthought heel. These things need time to compare the current sock to the first one I knit (long enough ago that I don’t remember what exactly I did on that first heel).

And the photo here? Yarn that my dance friend Arlyn/Maahtaab got for me when she visited Alaska recently. The yarn dyer is “Raven Frog Fiber Arts” and the yarn shop was Changing Threads, in Skagway, Alaska. Not only did Arlyn find a yarn shop (she’s a very skilled crocheter) but she found yarn I’d love, made sure there was enough for a pair of socks, and brought this skein home to me.

It’s washable wool in what appears to be DK weight. I started the toe Saturday night and by Sunday dinnertime I had put in a placeholder for a heel and was a few inches into the cuff on the first sock. I’m 1/3 of the way through the pair in one day! I can’t keep up that pace but much of it was knit on a 50-minute walk I took near my home. Maybe I need to take knitting along on walks more often. I sure am willing to walk longer when I have some wool in my hands!

The yarn is very beautiful, even more intense in person than it shows here. The blue positively glows like cobalt glass. It’s a perfect example of what “jewel tones” can really become. Gorgeous. It is a nice treat to knit for myself without any expectations, deadlines, patterns to write or the rest. I am appreciative of the very thoughtful gift. I love yarn that is this weight (both for knitting and for wearing), and will wear these socks over and over again!

8 Responses to “Knitting and Geeking”

  1. steel breeze Says:

    Not that I’m an IT expert, or anything, but you’d be far quicker transferring that amount of files over a proper (ie wired) network. If you’re doing it wirelessly expect lots of drop-outs and slow transfers. Something about the speed not being up to much.

    You should be able to “share” your printer over the network by right-clicking on it in explorer (on the PC it is attached to) and giving it a name.



  2. Diana Troldahl Says:

    Ooooohh yummy yummy yarn!

  3. Diana Troldahl Says:

    I did a little research, and found the artist:

    Bobbi Daniels – textile art

    Raven Frog Fiber Arts
    106 Kelly Street
    Sitka, AK 99835

    phone: 907-747-4500

    But so far no website. She does sell at few shops in the area, though. And I found lots of delighted yarn enthusiasts who loved her fiber enough to post about it online.

  4. Erin Says:

    It sounds like you have a very thoughtful friend!

  5. AlisonH Says:

    Gorgeous yarn there.

  6. A King Says:

    Oh, you’re such a sweetie. That’s why I got the yarn for you – I just knew you’d appreciate it. I can’t wait to see the final results.

  7. Bobbi Daniels Says:

    Thank you very much for the kind words about my yarn. I make Raven Frog yarns and I am thrilled when I happen onto what they become in the hands of other people who love them. I told my husband I think I know how an OB/GYN feels… sending all those babies out the door never to know how they turn out! The domain name is purchased but my computer geek son hasn’t got the website up yet. If you wish to contact me the best way is at:
    Raven Frog Fibers
    1321 E Sawmill Creek Rd.
    Sitka, AK 99835
    e-mail: ravenfrogfibers@hotmail.com

    Also, if any of you know a yarn shop interested in looking at my yarns, please let me know. I am trying to increase my representation in the lower 48. Thanks!

  8. Shawn Green Says:

    My sister is Bobbi Daniels of Raven Frog Fibers. She is the most amazing person, and I am not being partial. Her yarns are just the very tip of the talent ice berg. I was so proud of her winning the recent contest she did for Alaska businesses. She is so deserving. Did you know that her yarns are made from her pets? She has a wonderful petting zoo in Sitka where you can actually meet the critters who produce the fibers. Cool, huh? Who would have thought that her Master’s degree in Spanish would have resulted in this career! I love you Bobbi, you are still my idol! SHAWN