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I’m Here…

I haven’t forgotten you. I started a post on our great day in Grand Rapids Saturday. However, most of my time at home this week has been trying to get the new laptop so that I can function again. I had to buy a new palm device/PDA and all the reports say it will work with the new machine. I want to synchronize the new palm with the old machine first, so that I don’t lose my calendar system that is my brain when I’m not at my desk. So far, no luck. It’s almost 4am so I’ll give it up for now.

I have copied a lot of documents and photographs to the new machine. When I tried to copy using the network (which should be faster) I had eternal complaints from Vista that I didn’t have permission to share the documents any time they were in a subfolder (or at least a subfolder with a name that wasn’t DOS compliant, go figure). I had to keep going back to the old laptop and share and share and share and share, since I have a lot of subfolders. I would be good on a kindergarten playground with all that sharing!

So finally I got this USB connector/program, which seems to understand that I can copy from one machine to another without contortions every two minutes. It means I can copy a huge folder with gigabytes of data/photos in it, and walk away and go to work or go to sleep, and come back and find it done. This is good but it’s a slower copy. The program that comes with the cable (PC-Linq) is a bit archaic but I’ll take it at this point. It works, and I’m all about that feature.

The new palm is freezing at the point where I try to synchronize it with the old settings/calendar. It knows I had a username of LynnH and I try to select that but when I hit Next it doesn’t do a thing. I uninstalled and reinstalled and the same thing happens. Pooh.

So then I tried to export the old calendar from Lotus Organizer (yes it’s old but it does what I want, at least until today). And it exports to a file but the new calendar program (Calendarscope which I think looks very good) does not recognize its format for an import. Pooh. I’ll ask Brian if he has any good advice when he’s awake. Meanwhile, I should sleep myself.

The good news is that I’m knitting anyway. I mostly knit when I’m not at home but there’s been a lot of that. I’m partway through the second sock on a pair from the skein I showed you last post.

I also am ready to finish the second heel on a pair of afterthought-heel socks for Brian. I have some sewing to do on a water bottle holder in Noro Kureyon from my Bags to Go! pattern, and I’m working on the tank top for the class I’m teaching at Rae’s. It’s a lot of little stuff, none of it done, but progress at any rate. I need progress at SOMETHING right now.

Music News and More Travel

Oh, and if anyone is in reach of Chicago this weekend, Brian and I are singing late morning on Saturday in a suburb, at the Chicagoland Ukulele Jamfest. Chicago is friendly, creative and has some of the most excellent food I know. I’ll be sure to get to Devon Avenue for some Indian food before we come home on Sunday. We drive down Friday. If anyone wants to meet up, please write or comment and I’ll do what I can to connect.

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  1. jima Says:

    We are also performing at the festival! See you there, probably. Best places to go on Devon: Gandhi India, Udupi Palace, Bhabi’s Kitchen, and Tiffin.

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