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Inching Again…

applewoodgarden.jpgI am doing the progress-crawl again today, but gaining a little ground. My palm device is synchronizing to-do lists (which I’ve not used before but may try now) and the very nice Calendar feature. It is not synchronizing address book (the calendar program doesn’t have a contact/address feature but I was hoping the palm would synch to the palm desktop addresses… no luck yet there).

I have sent an email to the calendar producer and also looked up my palmtalk yahoo group where I’ll post questions as well. I don’t edit address data often, so for now i can put changes on my to-do list and then manually update when I get home. It’s a hassle but I think it will work for my low frequency of use.

I also installed good old OpenOffice suite on the new laptop. It can handle MS Office (Word/Excel) files until I decide what to do with the MS Office version conflict. I have a perfectly good paid for version and will no doubt use that in the end, but I figure I’ll play with the new one for the 30 days I have.

I teach people who have all sorts of computer setups at home and the more I know about all these things, the better I can help with questions. Since I am something of a power user in MS Word I just can’t see letting go of it yet, but I have two or three knitting patterns that had so many photos that Word would corrupt during edits. I converted those to Open Office just so I could function and print.

I am used to many tiny little features that Open Office doesn’t seem to offer, and I am heavily into using keyboard shortcuts rather than my mouse for commands… either Open Office doesn’t have the shortcuts I expect or I can not find them. Still, OpenOffice is free and full of features, and it doesn’t corrupt my work. I love it for that!

I also finally got Adobe PhotoShop (version 5.5 upgrade from 3, purchased in ’99 and still just what I need) loaded on the new machine and it works just great. I tested it with this photo of Applewood Gardens in Flint, Michigan, which I took about a year ago the day Brian and I performed there. It’s a beautiful place that is open to the public about once a month, with lovely old-fashioned gardens. I got a lot of good photos that day and never had a chance to share them all with you.

In a way I have a lot in the air right now. In another way, a lot is settling down. Not only do I have a new laptop and new palm device, my car is at the shop as well.

They will work on my bug Friday while Brian and I are out of town in Chicago. It has about 124,000 miles and it needs a new ignition because I always have a too-heavy keychain and the car is a ’98 (which I got May 99). The car is in great shape and looks almost new, runs like a top, but needs care occasionally. These things are something to be expected and I’m glad I can work it out to get things done when I’m out of town for the most part.

My life is a few hours here and a few hours there, every day contains multiple locations. Being without a car in Lansing would mean not doing my normal routine. I am liking this new car shop so far, we’ll see how they do this time. I miss “German Automotive,” they were just my style but the owner retired and that was the end. Those guys drove old VW Rabbits, they understood that I loved my old car, too. I soo miss that place. Life changes sometimes… car repair shops and laptops and other things as well. Time to roll with it all, to find gratitude in the newness.

I may actually be set to take the new laptop on the road this trip. My Eudora (email program) mailboxes are still stored on the old laptop but I can check Gmail while I travel (which is safer for backup purposes, anyway). I can definitely blog as long as I can access a connection, which theoretically should work in a suburb of Chicago. We’ll see how it goes in real life.

Big city, here I come! (I’m anticipating the good food already…)

One Response to “Inching Again…”

  1. Karen Says:

    What a coincidence! After missing three appointments for the kids (swim team photos, one swim practice and one tutoring session) I realized that my schedule had finally gotten too complex for my paper calendar, so I purchased a new Z22 on eBay. I started setting up my calendar on my Mac using iCal (which supposedly synchs with Palm OS), and it’s already serving a calming purpose…I no longer walk around with that icky feeling that I’m forgetting something!

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