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First Chicago Photo

fabheftoneschicago25.jpgOur friends from the Detroit-area ukulele club (I am pretty sure they are called Uke’n Sing) always, always, always support us in the most useful and loving ways… including taking photos of us while we are on stage. It’s sort of impossible to do that for ourselves, you know??? I don’t know who took which photos but thanks to you all, we love you back.

Monday has been a day of picking up the car from the shop, printing patterns, filling orders, catching up on emails not handled this weekend. There was a little sleep in there, too. I do have photos of our downtown Chicago experience from Sunday afternoon, as well… but for now I have ten minutes before I have to leave for work and my patterns are still coming out of that printer. It’s a high-class problem to have work, I assure you, but I do overwhelm easily. Today is beautiful and I will refuse to be overwhelmed for one day at least, but I can’t start writing a travelogue with ten minutes as my deadline.

For now, a photo of us during our set at the Chicagoland Ukulele Jamfest. My, what fun it was.

One Response to “First Chicago Photo”

  1. Karla Says:

    Except for your computor you have been having way too much fun!!! I’ve been checking in every now and then, trying to keep up with you! Thanks for the link to Ms Vox, I’ve got her on my favorites so I can get a CD after our lives get settled again.
    We will definitely be moving to Tennessee! I’m excited for the changes. Do you have any music contacts there? Any festivals? Anything? Of course, moving doesn’t effect following your blogging!

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