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The day at the dunes

I’ve got so many wonderful photos of the dunes between Lake Michigan and Silver Lake, that I can not resist showing a few more to you. The first one is our little crew of dune walkers that day, minus me… Jennifer, Jennifer’s beau, Brian, Pedro and Kathleen. Only Brian in this photo lives in the Midwest right now… Jennifer and beau are in Washington DC and Kath and Pedro are in northern Florida. It was wonderful to spend the day with them all.


Next is a lighthouse on the shore of Lake Michigan. This photo was taken facing south. I took it only a few minutes before I took the photo of the sunset (posted in previous blog entry).

Next is a view on the top of the dunes. I like how peaceful this one looks. If it looks like the sand goes on forever, it surely feels that way when you are up on the top.


Last is some dunegrass that we found at the top of the dunes. This type of grass is very important to the dune, if I remember my science class right. The roots hold the sand in place and resist erosion. Once grasses take hold, other things are more likely to be able to grow. I believe there is a whole set of animal life (birds are the most obvious) that thrive on the edges of the dunes where this grass has taken hold.


One Response to “The day at the dunes”

  1. momtroll Says:

    There is nothing like a walk in the sand, or looking out over the water at the top of a dune, or listening to the sounds of the shore. It is like a different world. It brings back memories of camping on Lake Michigan in the 70’s. Lovely.

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