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Today was very, very good. I have a plump gratitude list today:


I got my “new” laptop (5 weeks) to synchronize with my palm device, while using the computer as a “Standard User.” It turns out I had to “run as Administrator,” both the synchronizing program (HotSync) and the Palm Desktop/calendar with addresses. For a while now I’ve had to switch users to be the administrator, to check my calendar on the laptop.

It still seems unneccessary to type a password every  time I start my calendar. However, if I can view the calendar and my email program in the same user without logging out and in and out again to switch between those two most-used programs, I’m at the point where now I can at least function on the new machine. It has been about five weeks and now the most important function is working. Whew! I was getting tired of all that.



My Goddaughter, Sara, asked to spend time with me this week. We went out for sushi on Monday (see photo), followed by a short walk, a stop at Starbucks (tea for me) and a stop at Barnes and Noble bookstore in East Lansing. She asked to get together again Tuesday to listen to music she wanted to share with me; and a refresher on knitting socks. This really makes me happy.

I adore Sara and we just enjoy each other. I think we both need to know that someone really really loves us exactly as we are. I’m lucky in that I have several folks who love me that way… but you can’t make a relationship have this level of connectedness. It is just plain lucky when a connection works this well… and I celebrate my luck.

Weather/Gardening Tasks

Temperatures are running in the low- to mid-80’s F this week, too hot for many people but exactly my sort of weather. The grass is looking dry all around town, for the first time yet this season. I enjoyed watering my plants (they were fairly desperate for a drink and I hadn’t watered them since last Thursday). They perked up so well!

Food/Garden Produce

I cooked dinner tonight, using some zucchini and yellow summer squash I picked up at Horrocks, a local produce/garden center. I added organic basil from a friend’s farm and a tomato from my very own plant. I also added part of a leek, cut in very tiny slivers, and some fine-ground black pepper, sauteed in olive oil. At the very last minute I added a can of beans (pintos, though I really wanted chick peas/garbanzos). This special summer meal was very satisfying on a bed of buckwheat pasta (soba). This was a treat.


I’m unstuck on a project. Whew. I have a block of hours tomorrow so I can do some knitting before I go out. I also have had a series of just excellent classes and there is no end in sight!



I forgot to take photos of CityKidz Knit! program but trust me, we’re doing great. I had two kids knitting small items to hand-felt in a tray of soapy water, one knitting a doll from a pattern (she is one of my oldest, most loyal knitters and has followed patterns before), one elementary-aged girl starting her first piece in the round, a tube which will be a purse, on circular needles (she will felt this). I also had a young lady who tried for the first time to knit with two colors on one row, stranded knitting flat. I love my Kidz!

Also I had a three-person, all-day class at Yarn Garden making mini-Turkish Socks (with all the features of a full-sized adult sock). We had a great time indeed. On the right is a photo of my sock and the three participants’ socks. Adorable, no?


The Habibi Dancers (including myself as Eudora) are dancing at a cultural diversity event at the Allen Street Farmers Market Wednesday. I think we go on at 5:30, maybe 6pm. I’m really happy that I’m able to dance with the girls this time. I just tend to work on nights/weekends and usually that is when the troupe performs. I’m going to have a blast.

(For the record, if you are local and interested I will be dancing at 6:30 pm and 8pm at New Aladdin’s restaurant in Frandor, the 3rd Friday of August, which falls on the 17th. I love this assignment and will be giving it my all with another girl in the Habibi Dancers’ troupe.)


I’m still really really tired every time I sit still. However, Wednesday I have no appointments until we dance (dinnertime) so I get to give myself a morning to sleep in. Cross your fingers for me that I don’t get any unwanted phone calls, OK? Sitting here right now I am on the verge of sleeping at the desk with my keyboard as a pillow… time to tuck it in.

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