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A Moment to Breathe

What a crazy-busy few weeks I have had! Sunday night I got home around 6:00pm and actually had some time where I could choose what to do. I picked swiss chard and tomatoes from the garden and made a pleasant dinner, Brian and I took a walk in the neighborhood, and I fussed more with getting my “new” laptop to function right. Also, Brian and I rehearsed a little, and I chatted by phone with my friend April who no longer lives across the street.

Now I’m at it again, on the couch with laptop on my lap well after midnight, falling asleep at the keyboard. I’ve taken photos in the last few days but my Adobe PhotoShop had gone buggy and would not start up. I un-installed it yesterday but then my CD player did not work (did not even show up in the “my computer” screen) so then I could not reinstall it. Fortunately after 2 days of flaky CD player, it is miraculously working again for no apparent reason. I reinstalled it but have had no time to edit anything yet.

Tomorrow/Monday i see my brother Eric. I have a scheduled class around dinnertime in Lansing but I’ll get several hours in with my brother. We often drive to Brighton, a town about halfway between our homes, and talk forever. There is a wonderful metropark there and we’ll meet there.

I am looking forward to most of a day without work tomorrow. For now, I need to be somewhat boring and just sign off. Thanks for sticking with me.

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