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Slow for a Day

I spent the day Monday with my brother. We each drove a distance about halfway between our homes, and sat at a picnic table at a Metropark near Brighton, Michigan, and talked. Hours and hours of talking and we’re not done yet, but it was really satisfying.

Eric knows me better than anyone in the world. He and I have been through some very hard times, the biggest being the deaths of our father and his first wife, Kelly. I don’t recommend going through that at all, but it sure gave me a really powerful connection to Eric. I’m grateful for that relationship.

I’m at a point in my career where I need to make some decisions about how I spend my time. Scheduling has always been hard for me but I really have enough I could reasonably do for my work, to fill two lives. I need to make hard choices and now is when I start.

The one I know already: I will not be supervising computer labs at Foster Center in the fall, though I’ve done computer work for them since around 1994-95. I also will be cancelling smaller projects that just involve too much commute time and too little income-earning time, even though I enjoy those projects.

And then I have to keep going… to look harder at what is left (teaching knitting/art at an increasing number of locations, teaching computers one day a week, dyeing yarn, designing knit patterns, singing) and make hard choices about what I will concentrate on and what will be cut out this time around.

So we chatted and I’m still not sure where I’m headed… but I know how I will spend this week. That’s all, but it’s a start.

Knitting Update?

I have not knit a stitch in 2 days, though I touch yarn and I plan projects. I have a couple pair of socks and a tank top that are on the needles in current rotation. Tomorrow I spend time with my beloved Goddaughter, Sara (Senior in college this September), which is high priority… and also is knitting time. That will be lovely.

Oh… and Sarah Peasley has finished an Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Surprise Jacket, out of my Cushy Colorsport Yarn. It’s really really cute. Maybe you will want to check out her blog and see it (among her other wonderful projects).

One Response to “Slow for a Day”

  1. Priscilla Says:

    Sarah’s Baby Surprise Jacket in your yarn is incredibly cute!

    Kudos to you both.

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