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How hot was it, Johnny?

I’m reminded of the old joke on the Johnny Carson Tonight show. He would say something like… “It was so hot…” and Ed McMahon would say “How hot was it, Johnny?” Yesterday it felt like I was in the middle of that joke.

I understand that it was merely 98.6F yesterday (37C). I understand that my friends in Texas and Florida often deal with temperatures higher than that. However, I’m in a state where I don’t need air conditioning most of the time (I do not like it much, especially when it’s cranked to 65F which is colder than we set the heater in the winter).

We use the air conditioner which is in the 2nd floor bedroom, when it’s hot enough to interfere with sleep. This is anywhere from one night  to a few dozen nights most years. (We are more likely to use the fan in the A/C unit than the cooling unit.) I’ve had the air conditioner since my “previous life” in Williamston, I’m sure it dates from at least as far back as 1990, and it’s still not used up. I prefer to cool off on the porch in the hammock, which is particularly ideal for weather up to about 90 degrees F.

But yesterday it was too hot, even on the shaded east-side porch. My goddaughter Sara came over and we did our best to stay cool out there. Here is what the thermometer said:


So there we were on the porch, drinking iced tea out of glasses that had water condensing on their sides. It was a lovely view although the sun was really baking down:


And then Sara said: Look, Lynn! See that squirrel?


That’s how hot it was.

6 Responses to “How hot was it, Johnny?”

  1. Diana Troldahl Says:

    Ohh I LOVE the shot of the squirrel!

  2. Trish Says:

    The poor critters are suffering too. I’ve noticed several of my cukes and pickles in the garden getting munched on….the animals are so thirsty they’ll get moisture wherever they can!

    BTW, when it’s 87+ degrees in the house….IT’S TOO HOT!!!! UGH. If it would just rain! It keeps missing our little area and we are so desperate. It will rain all around us, but miss us every time. Blech.

  3. Erin Says:

    That is just about the funniest picture I’ve ever seen. I love it!

  4. kristi and otis Says:

    That is HILARIOUS! Great shot!

  5. momtroll Says:

    I loved the photo. I have seen one here like that, too. The poor critters have even taken bites out of my rhubarb to suck the water out. I think that is a raccoon. Sometimes they bite it all off and sometimes they leave it there just hanging.

  6. Howlin' Hobbit Says:

    …it was soooo hot… I saw a cop chasing a mugger and they were both in line at an Orange Julius stand.


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