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Busy Again

Well, I wrote this on Tuesday night but then I couldn’t connect with my web space so here it is a day late…

It was an almost impossibly busy day, but it ended at 9pm instead of midnight so that was helpful.

I had a short appointment in the morning, then went to JoAnn Fabrics to check in with supervisor there. We have a demo day for instructors this Saturday, from 1-4 at Frandor. I will be at the demo day, put pretty things on a table and chat up potential students.

It should be fun, I love demos. Knitting isn’t as easy to demo but I have some specialized classes coming up including a stole class and socknitting. I will want to intrigue as many folks as I possibly can.

Anyone local want to take my simple rectangular stole class? Eyelash yarn and fun colors? It’s gorgeous, and it knits up really fast. I need to have Brian take a pic of me wearing one so I can put it up on this blog.

At Foster, I had 4 knitters, all repeaters. It was peaceful. Nobody finished anything but all of them are close. That was lovely. I had finished the two sox for my friend finally, but they had a lot of colorwork so I had dozens of ends to work in. I’ve finished the ends on one sock and am about halfway with the second pair.

Then I ran to Altu’s restaurant for the quickest dinner I could manage. I had her artful lima beans, and she shared some green beans she had made with a spicy garlicky sauce, from beans given to her from someone’s garden. Yum.

Then back to Foster Center. I can’t believe it, I was gone less than 25 minutes but that was when Luann stopped by to see me. Drat. She dropped off some wool yarn for me (not the kids, how sweet is that) and left a little note. I need to corner her for a cup of coffee/tea someday, and we can talk forever.

I then had a “Let’s Talk about the Internet” class for two students, two retired sisters who have taken other classes from me last term. We had a great time! I don’t have an internet connection but it is amazing how much you can teach with a handout and a whiteboard.

Then I’ve been fussing with my emails today. I promised myself a half hour of knitting on my second JoAnn’s Stole (blues and greens). I had better go do that right away, don’t you think?

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