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News Headlines

The Good News:

I taught a 9-yr-old girl to knit today. She finished a 5-stitch, garter-fabric wristband in just over an hour. Wild Purple (thanks to whoever donated that incredibly popular yarn). She was delighted. So was her mom. So was I.

The Bad News:

One of my bosses at Foster Center had a heart attack yesterday and died, just like that. He was 53 years old. Please, tell someone that you love them today. You never know what tomorrow may bring. If we learn from these things, at least something good can come of sadness.

Tomorrow’s News:

I plan to go to Allegan/Michigan Fiber Festival tomorrow/Friday, just to hang out and look at/touch fibery things. I hope I see some of you.

If you see me and I might not recognize you (I tend to get over-stimulated in big crowds and miss things I might not miss in a calmer environment) please say hello. I thought I’d have company and it turns out I’ll be traveling alone (though I’ll know a lot of folks once I get there). I’d love to chat a little, so do wave me down if you would.

One Response to “News Headlines”

  1. Catherine H Says:

    Hi Lynn,
    It was lovely meeting you today! Thanks for coming in my booth. I recognized you but didn’t know whether to introduce myself since I “know” you but you don’t know me. It was so much easier when you had at least entered “my domain” LOL!