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River Trail Pictures

The Grand River, Lansing, Michigan, USAWell, yesterday I bicycled along about half of the River Trail. I enjoyed every minute and today I feel stronger for it. I thought my legs were already strong from dancing but they feel a different sort of strong after bicycling. How nice.

On the way to work I was in a big hurry, which is typical for me. On the way home, though, I had time to stop and smell the flowers, in so many words. I took pictures and I’m pleased with them.

The first picture was taken from the very top of the Kalamazoo Street Bridge, near the intersection of Cedar Street, facing South. River Trail, Lansing, Michigan, USAI was just ready to hop back on the River Trail (commonly called “Riverwalk”). I had detoured through downtown for a meal at Byblos, a mideast eatery that I rarely frequent because of its location.

This bridge was rebuilt a few years back and it does have a wonderful view, of the river to the south, and on the other side, a view of the skyline (such as it is) of Lansing. Some other time I’ll try to get a picture from that side for you to see.

The second picture here I took a while after jumping back on the trail. It is in an area that was built up I think around the turn of the last century. My friend Ulyana lives not terribly far from this picture. I get tempted to jump off at this point and go visit her, every time I travel this part of the trail.

Lansing is a very green city, for which I’m grateful. It isn’t as big of a city as I would prefer, but then the cost of living is significantly lower than most places this big. In the summer, this is a pretty wonderful place to live, as you can see.

One Response to “River Trail Pictures”

  1. Saartje Says:

    Those are nice pictures indeed! I just want to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. I read it almost every day. You make it so personal, I feel like I’m getting to know you.
    I just noticed you have a link to my knitting website on your blog! I feel so honoured…. I need to do some updates on my site, maybe I will get to it this weekend.

    Keep riding that bike! And knitting, of course :-)
    Saartje in The Netherlands