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Thanks, Susan!

Susan/Dog Lover’s Yarn has posted her adventures, of learning to purl the sole stitches on her socks. Now, some folks don’t find this an issue, all socks are comfy enough. For me, I stand a lot… some folks walk a lot (as I did in Chicago).

The purled/inside of standard handknit sock fabric is bumpier than the outside/knit side. Monday afternoon, my feet were feeling the purls in an uncomfortable way (after walking blocks and blocks) so I turned those standard socks inside out to make them more comfy for even more walking.

With my Fast Florida Footies pattern (free in one size), I was using a mostly-cotton (read: stiffer than wool) yarn in a DK weight (read: twice as thick as standard sockyarn, which makes thicker fabric than typical commercially-sold socks). I wanted them to be extra-comfortable so I purled the sole. Thankfully, this sole helped Susan with her quest for “how to” instructions for a purled sole. I’m delighted she found my sock useful in her search.

Check out Susan’s post on purling soles if you are interested. She has a bunch of photos comparing her different attempts. She also flatters me, and I’m honored. I just “met” her online very recently, we’ve never met in person.

Isn’t the Internet an incredible place? Who would think that I’d find even one more person wanting a purled sole, really? And here we are. And surely at least one or two of you out there reading this will also be interested. I’m so indebted to this medium, which connects us in real ways with people and procedures that are what we need.

I’m downloading photos of Chicago now. I’m still behind on other trips and may give up on those, starting fresh. It sure is easy to take a zillion photos just when there is no time to develop them!!!

Photos: My version of a FFF in Infant Size 0; Susan’s own pair I originally showed here in July (with her permission).

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