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Being a Grownup

robsonbookship.jpgI have always spent time with children belonging to other folks. I remember very clearly when my godson Michael was maybe 5 years old or so (he’s in his 20’s now) and when told no to something, he’d complain “But I want that!” And my response was: “Sometimes we don’t get what we want, Michael.”

So Saturday I had to be very adult and defer my own gratification. I didn’t get what I wanted, at least for about 24 hours.

ethnicknittingbutton.jpgYou see, just before I headed to bed on Friday night, I read a message from Debra Robson of Nomad Press (her blog is The Independent Stitch). Deb said that I might have an Advance Reading Copy (ARC) of her newest publication in my mailbox by the time I got her note. That one of the priority mail envelopes shown in her blog about this book’s ARCs, had my address on it.

Oh, man! That was a tease, and I could not make it to my PO Box to get that book that night, nor for about 24 hours. Pooh! This required all my adult common sense, of course… I wanted to get dressed and go to the PO (my box is accessible 24 hours a day but it’s about 3 miles from my house), and get the book. Except then I knew I’d want to stay up all night looking and reading and dreaming.

You see, if you have just recently met me you need to know that I’m very interested in Ethnic Knitting, especially Turkish Socks, Andean hats/bags, and Scandinavian works. These areas work a lot with stranded color, sometimes a riot of color. It’s definitely my favorite cup o’tea.

I was a good grownup. I went to bed, got up earlier than usual, drove 2 hours to my work for the day, taught, drove home 2 hours, got a wonderful house tour (more on that later), ate dinner with Brian. And THEN I went to the PO Box not long before midnight Saturday. And got this incredibly exciting package.

The real book is still at the printer. It will be a while before it hits the bookstores and yarn shops. But I’ve got a “beta” copy. I feel honored, excited, humbled, delighted, thrilled. I’m positively alive with an adrenaline rush, I’m so happy to have this book… I know not that many receive such an honor!

I tried to read it Saturday night on the couch, and did not get very far before I woke up with the book dangling from my hands precariously. I slept like a brick for something like 10 hours (after two very short nights’ sleep) and woke up groggy. Now that I’ve had two cups of tea, I’m ready to find the Hammock and settle in. At least for a little while. I work on Sundays, at home, and I’m getting ready to dye some yarn (don’t faint). So I’m doing computer work and emails, blog writing and a little reading of my precious book… but as soon as dinner comes I’m switching gears and going downstairs to start work on the wool.

The sun is shining. It was chilly this morning but now it’s lovely. It is going to be a very good Sunday.

2 Responses to “Being a Grownup”

  1. Diana Troldahl Says:

    Oh wow!
    If we hook up, may I see the book? I promise to drool away from the pages!

  2. Deborah Robson Says:

    Okay, that’s just funny, Lynn. I was finishing my flammegarn socks at the same time . . . from your yarn, of course. They’re wonderful. They’ve been all done but the bind-off, and we’ve had a few cool days (down from high 90s to high 80s) to inspire me to think that I might actually want to wear socks in the foreseeable future.

    I need to figure out how to take an okay photo of them. I know I can’t capture the magic of the colors, but I can try.

    I’m really glad you got both your ARC and a good night’s sleep!

    Cheers, Deb