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Glamour Grrls

Marie and Corey wearing LynnH JoAnn StolesHere is a late-breaking photo of Marie and Corey wearing my LynnH JoAnn stoles. Aren’t they quite the Glamour Grrls? Marie and I dance together, so she was one of those who really encouraged me to start working with JoAnn’s. Corey is the education assistant at the store, which means when my supervisor is out, I get to talk to her instead. You know we get along fine, because her hair is my favorite color!

I think they are excellent models. We had such fun yesterday, Corey was wearing the purple stole as if it were a feather boa. They do feel that glamorous, and they drape well. Interesting point: one of the yarns in the stole is called “Boa.”

The headache is still haunting me but I took a long hot bath around noon today to encourage it to leave. We may go to a party for Elderly Instruments employees this afternoon if I feel up to it, otherwise I’ll lounge on the porch in the hammock.

More Goodies to Come
Mom’s friend Fai (who gave me the best flamingos in my garden as a gift) took some pictures of the Altus scene last night. Fai really loves taking pictures, so some of them just are fabulous. I’ll show you those as I get them edited.

One Response to “Glamour Grrls”

  1. Mom Says:

    Hi Lynnie,
    I hope your headache is better. I always get a bad one from being outside. When I get inside, I use a saline spray to clean out my nose and that helps. Maybe that might help you. The grass, pollens, trees and molds do not like me. I use a mask when I am working in the garden and it works great. I hope it is a simple answer to your ache. Mom

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