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Preview: a Little Color


I finally got into the dye studio. I’m experimenting with some new green dyes I ordered recently, so three of the four colorways are green-influenced. The other is LynnH-influenced, I could not resist.

I used to have a helper in the dyeing business. She skeined the yarns for me. Now I skein myself and then I dye, then I re-skein to integrate the colors into the hank. This way you can see a little bit how the colors might mix together while knitting. You can imagine that this new labor division (I’m 100% of everything) slows down the process a little! That’s life, but I miss her company as much as her help.

I’ll have these skeins up for sale this week. If you want me to save a specific one (or more) for you, feel free to write me at Lynn AT ColorJoy DOT com. Same specs and pricing as the other TipToe SockYarn skeins on my Shopping Cart. You guys who read me here always get first dibs. Since there are only 8 new skeins, they may go fast.

For the record, the two colorways closest to the camera look about right color-wise here. The bright green is reading hot yellow, so the back two green colorways are not true. I’ll get better pictures after the car shop lets me free later this afternoon.

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