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Sock Class August 1: Today!

Whoops! I scheduled myself to teach a class and didn’t tell anyone about it. Thank goodness JoAnn’s told a few people or it wouldn’t be happening.

OK, so Joann.com has the yarn I wanted to have for my sock class. But the local JoAnn store doesn’t have any of that. So we are going to make toe-up footies with fat yarn, really nice 50% wool, 50% acrylic yarn called Kool Wool. It’s really decent stuff, surprisingly springy yet dense, many tiny plys (plies?) making it very smooth.

Another plus with this yarn: I made one footie, start to finish, in less than 24 hours from this yarn… and that 24 hours included things like working several hours and a decent night’s sleep. Gotta love that! So you can learn a new technique (toe up socks) and perhaps knitting on double-pointed needles. And it won’t take forever.

The cuff is just 7 rounds of stockinette that roll outward, and I put some eyelash yarn in my sample sock for the store. I gave them the sock before I took a picture so I can’t even show you, but trust me, it’s a good slipper sock.

The toe up means we can learn a new technique, perhaps, and not have to do a gauge swatch ahead of time. I don’t do toe up socks very often but that is just habit, because there are many reasons it is a good technique. Binding off loosely is the biggest challenge, which isn’t a big deal at all, really.

This class is at the Frandor JoAnn Fabrics, Friday August 1 (and August 8), 1:00pm to 2:30pm. Cost $25 plus materials. If you have double pointed needles, bring some in size 3 or 4, and yarn will run less than $15 or so (I’ll bring along some eyelash to share for those who want some, since it takes such a small amount per sock cuff).

OK, so this is too late for real results, but I might as well ask. I have two people in the class and I am delighted that a Working Women Artists Guild buddy, Maureen O. Ryan, is one of the two. I don’t know who the other person is.

Want to join us? It should be great fun with that small number. Lots of personal attention!

Hope to see you there.

One Response to “Sock Class August 1: Today!”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Kool Wool… I like this yarn. I used it for a baby blanket, which I think turned out very well. One of Lion Brand’s nicer yarns, I think. I would, however, avoid Lion Boucle. It looks nice enough, but the center yarn is very slippery, making the loops slide around when knitting. Very distracting.

    Have a great class!

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