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Four Students!

Well, I went to JoAnn today and I had 4 students, not two. Good thing I made an extra handout, but we still needed one extra photocopy.

It was great fun! Everyone had a different yarn and we all will see how everyone’s different item works out with the same “game plan” (I hate to call it a pattern because it’s more of a guideline, depending on the gauge of the yarn.

I knew Tina, from the Mid-Michigan Knitters Guild. And Maureen was there, and two friends of Tina’s. Fun, Fun, Fun!!!

And now I was sent home from JoAnn with an Ultimate Sweater Machine (a knitting machine which I believe is the new version of what was once called the Bond). So I get to play with that all night, and I didn’t even have to buy one.

I did work with the machine for an hour and a half or so in the store and I got going OK. Tonight I’ll try more. I’m grateful I’m pretty good at learning new things and working with mechanical gizmos, because now I’m supposed to demonstrate this tomorrow at 1pm. That was the trade for letting me play with the thing all night. We’ll see tomorrow if I think that was a good trade or not!

I hope I look like I know what I’m doing when I get there in the store! Only time will tell.

What I really want to know is, how well will the machine work with yarns I adore, rather than the acrylic worsted weight yarn they sent with the machine? Hmmm… I certainly plan to start with the yarns I was given before I jump in and try mine. But I’m thinking it would be great fun to make a stocking hat in stripes. That seems do-able as a first project… I hope.

I have some turquoise and yellow wool-ease sport with no apparent project, just colors I couldn’t pass by on super-clearance one day. I’ll have to see if the machine will work OK with that thinner yarn. I also want to try some worsted weight Brown Sheep Naturespun, and some Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece. This could be great fun!

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