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The Harvest Gathering, 2007

harvestgatherinjensygit.jpgI posted photos of The Fabulous Heftones at Harvest Gathering but I have other photos, of other musical acts. These folks in many cases are our friends as well as colleagues. I am still not quite used to having such peers. They are good people and great musicians.

harvestgatheringandeanhat.jpgI didn’t say much about our show yet. I want you to know how loved I felt singing that show. So many other musicians were in the audience, and this is quite an honor. Peter “Madcat” Ruth and Jen Sygit plunked themselves on the side balcony for the entire show, and we saw so many other musicians out there.

I still feel very new to this community, and I knew the musical work of both Madcat and Jen before I ever played a note on a bass. It is a deep honor to belong to this incredible group of caring and talented folks.

I couldn’t see everyone from the stage, but spotted Mark Sahlgren, Jack and Emmett (Mark’s son-in-law and grandson, Jack was in Lost World String Band but I don’t know his last name), Laura Bates and Brandon Foote were there at least part of the time.

Drew Howard/Captain Midnite popped in with a request, between his numerous performances. Andrea and Micah of Breathe Owl Breathe supported us with actions as well as their presence. Art and Marlene Cameron (musician/horticulturist and fiberartist) were there. Tamineh harvestgatheringdrewandorpheumbell.jpgGueramy (formerly of The Weepers and now in Rusty Blaides, among many other acts) and Josh Davis of Steppin’ in It were also there.

I’m writing this too many days after the show. I clearly have forgotten a few somebodies but all the support was fully felt. Sigh. It is good to feel loved, you know?

After the show, Laura Bates gave me such a high compliment. She said that The Fabulous Heftones are a musician’s favorite act, and that was why we saw so many peers out there listening. . I also met Daniel Kahn’s mother harvestgatheringmicah.jpgwho was lovely and positive, and I met Megan Palmer who I mentioned a few posts previous to this.

We did not have a lot of time after the show before we had to go home (Brian had to play for a dance with Scarlet Runner String Band in Lansing) but Brian got to jam a little bit with Bob from Mio, whose wife is involved with the Noreast’r Music Festival, and with Jack and a few other folks (I wasn’t there so I don’t know who all participated).

We got to see a bunch of acts on Friday night at the Barn Stage. I wanted to see Robin Lee Berry’s show but it was freeeeezing and she was at the Solar Stage, outdoors without much protection from elements. I ended up staying in the Barn just for pure self-preservation and heat-retention. We did hear .

I know that in the frigid cold morning (before our show), Brian also jammed a bit with some folks including Susan Fawcett of Breathe Owl Breathe and Fox on a Hill. He loves jamming, I think more than performing on stage. I am glad he got that chance.

This is a public thanks to Seth Bernard for scheduling us at his festival. What a fine person he is, what a big open-armed welcome we felt! It was a wonderful time.

Photos: Jen Sygit and her band Spare Change (they put on a wonderful show… especially the vocal harmonies). A videographer who I did not get a chance to meet, wearing what looks like an authentic handknit Andean hat with those little bobbles used for children’s hats. Orpheum Bell (including our Captain Midnite on pedal steel seated with cowboy hat, center back row). Photo Micah Middaugh took of himself with my camera.

harvestgatheringrustyblaides.jpgThe wide photo is Brandon Foote and Laura Bates with a bunch of friends singing harmony. The song was “Hard Times” by Stephen Foster. I don’t know the first man at left, but then you see Seth Bernard, Daisy May Erlewine, behind her Drew Howard, then Brandon and Laura front and center, me in earmuffs and pink hug shawl, Jen Sygit and Tamineh Gueramy.

Rusty Blaides including friends Joe Wilson (also of Steppin’ in it), Tamineh Gueramy and (you guessed it) Drew Howard/Captain Midnite. I can not tell you how hard it is to take a photo of a band with six people standing up and moving all the time! Closeup with Joe and Tamineh in front row.

harvestgatheringjoewilsontaminehgueramy.jpgAnd last but not least, two shows from Saturday morning at the Solar Stage (this stage is powered entirely by solar power, very cool). The guy with an acoustic guitar-like bass (at right) is Denny, who works the sound in the Barn all weekend. He got to play a show outside before going in to his post for the rest of the very long day.

The final photo is “Scratch and Sniff,” Which always includes Phil Wintermute and Paul Bennett (seated center front, Phil in red hat/blue coat and Paul in tweed hat playing fiddle). The other musicians playing with them this time are folks whose names I do not know.

harvestgatheringdennysolar.jpgBy all rights, I should be linking to every musician’s website here, but if I did I would never finish the post. Most folks can be found on MySpace or by googling for their band website.


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  1. Susan Says:

    Hey, Lynn.

    What a great post! I’m so happy you came. I enjoyed your set very much… I was out of sight, dancing by myself…

    See you in Lansing sometime!



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