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Slow as Mud

zigbagbottlezigsmweb.jpgI seem to be walking through mud with heavy boots for the last few days. I’m still working on the design/pattern for my ZigBagZ series.

I have the two smallest bags figured out (a small rectangular one, pictured here in the last week, and the bottle bag at left), though text and photos are still sketchy. The next size up looks like it will probably be something like the size of my Watercolor Bag or hopefully a little bigger. I really wanted a larger size so I am going to add a fourth bag to the collection.

The extra bag means a lot more knitting, a lot more yarn, a lot more waiting, a lot more everything. I’m working on the third bag right now.

As soon as we get gauge issues more settled, Diana will cast on the largest of the four and then knit a loooong time, and then we cross fingers toes and eyes when that one is felted, to see if it comes out the way we wanted it (or close enough to go ahead with the design.

If either of our bags does not work as planned, we start knitting again. With felted projects, you shrink it and then you can’t use the yarn over again as you can on standard knit items. It’s a lot of time and a lot of materials/funds to get things right, but that is just part of the process. I believe in this design so I keep trudging forward, slowly or otherwise.

This is all complicated by the fact that I can not seem to knit any single gauge for more than an hour or two, or at least not when using circular needles (rather than Double Pointed Needles which are what I usually use). Thank goodness Diana can achieve a more steady gauge, and she will no doubt knit the store samples when we get to that phase of the project.

Here is a photo of the finished design for the BottleZig. I like it a lot. This one is a store sample at Rae’s, and I have one that is similar but was a prototype so I get to keep it.

Today I tried over and over to get to this page to post a column for you, and I could not get the form to open fully. Today I also tried to access an educational website and had frustration there as well. More slogging through mud.

The good part was that our performance at Foods for Living was really great. We got there just as Jen Sygit was finishing up her set. It’s always great to see/hear her.

Of course, we got a few photos but I’m behind on downloading those to the computer. After the performance, we went out to dinner all dressed up fancy in our show clothes. That was fun.

More later… have a great weekend. It’s lovely weather here right now and the trees are starting to turn color. Really pretty.

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