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Every Emotion in 24 Hours, Ending in Gratitude

I started the day really emotional, alternating between depression and anger. These are signs that I’m feeling powerless (in this case, about the computer issues and the slowness of the felted bag development). I decided to do something about it.

Actually, there was a time years ago when my life had many more difficult emotions in a day, and reasonably so. These days I’m living a bit of “the sunny side of the street” most of the time. My computer struggles on the same week as a slooow pattern development, meant that I revisited those emotions which mostly pass me by these days.

The first step toward an even keel was that I went to Rae’s shop. Between Rae and Diana I don’t know what I would do when I hit a wall. They take turns encouraging, suggesting, tugging me along depending on the situation. I have been struggling with the handles for this bag. It will be relatively big, enough that a single I-cord would not really be substantial enough, or so it seemed.

I contemplated several possible options but none seemed quite right. The best idea I had was impossible to guess ahead of time, how long it should be and whether I’d like it. I was really uneasy going ahead with something that might disappoint me after all the yarn and knitting time I’ve spent on this bag.

Sometimes I just am not a risk taker, and when it’s about precious time I’m even more “frugal” so to speak than when I’m talking about spending money. I don’t have much time to spare in this crazy creative life I’ve chosen.

So of course Rae had a great strap suggestion. I tried it, I’m delighted, I’m going with it. Yippee.

Diana then called to tell me she had finished two samples for me (a Sassy Bag for Yarn Garden and a BottleZig whose final destination is still undetermined). Sigh. And now she’s working on a BiggyZig for me. Sigh again.

And now Cousin Karen may be the test knitter for BiggyZig or BurlyZig. I feel very loved today.

Oh… and Tracy wrote and said she is already on Ravelry and is volunteer coordinator or whatever they call it for the discussion group about ColorJoy by LynnH patterns. I could HUG Tracy if she only was in Lansing!

So my day turned around. My bag has a button flap that it did not have this morning, and the start of shoulder strap #1 of 2. I may just felt this “puppy” tomorrow. Cross fingers.

One Response to “Every Emotion in 24 Hours, Ending in Gratitude”

  1. Diana Troldahl Says:

    All crossables crossed! Well, I’ll uncross my eyes to knit.

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