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Two Kinds of Luck

I am counting my blessings this morning. I got a call from Diana while I was barely awake and she had done the match to help me with re-sizing my BiggieZig Bag into a BurlyZig. That means I’ll have the final numbers and be able to massage the text for this pattern.

Once I get a first draft, Karen in Houston will be casting on for a BurlyZig to test my public pattern. Up until now, Diana and I have been knitting samples but it was more about design than writing, more about numbers and proportions than making sense to a reader. I’m getting there!

So the bag pattern is inching along. Diana is also going to knit a BiggieZig *and* a BurlyZig to test her numbers. So I’ll have a tech editor and a test knitter here, and a bunch of store samples. I am personally doing a test bag on the BabyZig for the first try at an actual pattern with real words rather than notes and numbers.

So there I go counting my good luck.

twistwristsm.jpgBut yesterday on my way to Charlotte to teach at Yarn Garden, the engine light of my car started blinking. Blinking. That means stop NOW. I looked at all my fluids and that wasn’t what was wrong. So I called Lindsay, cancelled my class for the day (she got me email addresses of the two students and we rescheduled later), and went directly to the shop.

Brian rides his bike on the Riverwalk to work. The shop took me home and I drove the Oldsmobile. Things could have been far messier. I missed one two-hour class session and the students are fine meeting me next week instead. Cool.

The repair is going to be $600 or so (and two days in the shop, one waiting for the part). I’d rather do that now than have trouble on the road in October (I’m going to Stitches East in Baltimore and then driving to Ravensdale to teach in NY state). Nobody loves repairs but I am glad the car notified me in time and only about a mile from my shop.

Meanwhile, back in the good luck department, I heart Diana. She is no longer only a test knitter. She’s a tester, tech editor, number cruncher and spirit-lifter.

She posted a free pattern at her blog Otterwise yesterday. Twist on the Wrist warmers. Cabled wristlets/pulsewarmers for bulky yarn (she used Arucania Alpaca). It’s beautiful. Do go check it out.

2 Responses to “Two Kinds of Luck”

  1. Karen Says:

    And the yarn sits patiently (okay, not so patiently) in the corner of my office way down south in Katy, Texas, peeking at me through a translucent bag, whispering something that sounds a lot like “zig, zag, zig”. We can’t wait!

  2. Diana Troldahl Says:

    Mine is huddled in a drawer, it keeps peeping out now and again :-}

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